What Side Do You Pass An Oncoming Boat?

When you’re out on the water, it’s important to know the rules of the road. One of the most important rules is knowing which side to pass an oncoming boat. This rule is essential for avoiding collisions and ensuring everyone’s safety.

The general rule is that when two boats are approaching each other, they should pass port-to-port (left-to-left). This means that both boats should keep their port (left) sides facing each other as they pass. This ensures that both boats have enough room to maneuver and avoid a collision.

In some cases, it may be difficult to determine which side is port and which side is starboard (right). In this case, it’s best to use the “rule of thumb”: if you can see the red light on the other boat, it’s their port side; if you can see the green light, it’s their starboard side. If you can’t tell which light is which, just remember that red always means port and green always means starboard.

It’s also important to remember that when passing another boat, you should always give them plenty of room. You should never pass too close or cut them off as this could cause a collision or put someone in danger. It’s also important to be aware of any wake created by your boat as this could cause damage or injury to those in the other boat.

Knowing which side to pass an oncoming boat is an essential part of boating safety. By following these simple rules, you can help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time out on the water!

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