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    When should one use a stern anchor?

    When it comes to anchoring a boat, most boaters are familiar with the concept of using a bow anchor. However, there is another type of anchor that is often overlooked but can be just as useful in certain situations – the stern anchor.

    A stern anchor is an anchor that is fixed to the back end of a boat, also known as the stern. The purpose of using a stern anchor is to keep the boat stationary from the rear, which can be useful in a variety of situations where a bow anchor alone may not be enough.

    Here are some situations where using a stern anchor may be necessary:

    1. Strong Winds or Currents – In areas with strong winds or currents, a bow anchor may not be enough to keep a boat stationary. By deploying a stern anchor in addition to a bow anchor, you can effectively prevent the boat from swinging around and possibly colliding with other boats.

    2. Crowded Anchorages – In busy anchorages where space is limited, using a stern anchor can allow you to anchor closer to shore without drifting into other boats. This can be especially useful if the wind is blowing towards the shore.

    3. Fishing – When fishing, using a stern anchor can help you stay in one spot and prevent your boat from drifting away from the best fishing spot.

    4. Snorkeling or Diving – Similarly, when snorkeling or diving, using a stern anchor can allow you to stay in one spot and explore the surrounding area without worrying about drifting away from your starting location.

    When using a stern anchor, it’s important to keep in mind a few key tips:

    • Make sure the stern anchor is securely attached and set before releasing the bow anchor.
    • Deploy enough scope (the ratio of anchor line length to water depth) when using a stern anchor to ensure it will hold the boat in place.
    • When retrieving the anchor, pull the bow anchor first, then retrieve the stern anchor.
    • Always be mindful of other boats in the area and avoid anchoring too close to them.

    While a bow anchor is the most commonly used anchor, there are situations where using a stern anchor is necessary. By understanding when and how to use a stern anchor, boaters can improve their anchoring skills and stay safe while on the water.

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