Why Do Some Boats Have Tires Hung On Their Sides?

Boats are an essential part of life for many people, whether they use them for fishing, pleasure cruising, or transportation. While most boats look the same from the outside, some have an unusual feature: tires hung on their sides. So why do some boats have tires hung on their sides?

The answer is simple

to protect the boat from damage. Tires are often used as fenders to protect a boat’s hull from bumps and scrapes when it is docked or moored. The tires absorb the impact of other boats or objects that may come into contact with the hull, preventing costly damage.

Tires also provide buoyancy when they are filled with air. This can be especially useful in shallow waters where a boat may run aground if it does not have enough buoyancy to stay afloat. The tires help keep the boat afloat and prevent it from becoming stuck in shallow waters.

In addition to providing protection and buoyancy, tires can also be used as anchors when they are filled with water. This is especially useful in areas where there is no access to traditional anchors such as rocks or sandbags. The weight of the water-filled tire helps keep the boat in place and prevents it from drifting away in strong currents or winds.

Finally, tires can also be used as mooring buoys when they are filled with foam or other materials that provide buoyancy but do not add much weight to the boat. This is especially useful for smaller boats that may not be able to support a traditional mooring buoy due to their size and weight restrictions.

There are many reasons why some boats have tires hung on their sides. Tires provide protection from bumps and scrapes, buoyancy in shallow waters, anchors for strong currents or winds, and mooring buoys for smaller boats that cannot support traditional buoys due to size and weight restrictions.

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