Why should one use braided fishing line?

Boating enthusiasts and fishing aficionados know that using a high-quality fishing line is essential to having a successful catch. There are several types of fishing lines available on the market, with braided fishing lines being one of the most popular choices. If you’re wondering why you should use braided fishing line, here are some reasons to consider:

Strength: Braided fishing line is made by weaving together several thin fibers of polyethylene, Spectra, or Dyneema. This structure provides high strength and durability, making braided lines perfect for catching big game fish. Even the thinnest braided fishing line has a high tensile strength and can withstand a lot of pressure.

Zero stretch: Unlike monofilament fishing line, braided lines have zero stretch, which means that you can feel everything that’s happening at the end of your line. When using braided fishing line, you can detect the slightest bite or nibble from a fish, allowing you to react quickly and hook it before it gets away.

Sensitivity: Braided fishing line is also incredibly sensitive. Its lack of stretch to provide a better feel of the lure or bait in the water. Braided lines enable anglers to detect bites and drag changes, even when fishing deep or in low light conditions.

Low visibility: Braided fishing lines are thin and have a smaller diameter than monofilament lines, making them less visible to fish. This feature can be crucial when fishing in clear water, where fish can get easily spooked by the sight of fishing lines.

Long-lasting: Braided fishing lines are also more long-lasting than other types of fishing lines. They are resistant to abrasion and can handle harsh conditions, making them ideal for catching fish in saltwater or rocky areas.

Overall, there are many reasons to use braided fishing line, but one of the most significant advantages is its strength and durability. Braided lines are easier to cast, more sensitive, less visible, and longer-lasting. If you’re looking to improve your fishing game, try using braided fishing line the next time you go out on your boat. You won’t be disappointed!

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