13 Fishing Concept Z SLD Baitcasting Reel Review

Overview of the 13 Fishing Concept Z SLD Baitcasting Reel

Modeling innovation as with the Concept Z, the 13 Fishing Concept Z SLD Baitcasting Reels introduce a breakthrough in the traditional approach to magnetic braking adjustment. The unique offering of a SLIDE magnetic cast control system lets anglers adapt their braking swiftly by merely moving their thumb, thereby ensuring there’s no interruption in casting.

The thoughtfully located thumb switch on the reel encourages rapid modifications, even in between casts. This flexibility renders it as a versatile device for anglers across various skill levels, facilitating long, unrestrained casts with minimal braking or quick, shielded casts against wind or under structures.

By synergizing the magnetic SLIDE braking with the novel Low-Friction centrifugal braking, striving for the perfect cast under any conditions becomes reality. The performance-enhancing Zero Corrosion CZB Bearings along with an Advanced Polymer drag system, embedded in the new Cast Iron Carbon frame and side plates, ensure consistent, ultra-light, and highly durable operation over multiple seasons.

Enriched with multiple high-end features, the SLD Baitcasting Reel redefines innovation in a manner that upholds the legacy of the original Concept Z.

Key Features:

  • Slide Magnetic Cast Control System
  • CZB Bearing Technology
  • Hi-Tech Cast Iron Carbon Frame and Side Plate Construction
  • Ti-Armor Aluminum Hamai Cut Drive Gear
  • 20 lb Advanced Polymer Drag System
  • Alert Drag Clicker
  • Zero Ball Bearings (6 CZB Bearings, 1 Dead Stop Anti-Reverse)
  • Arrowhead Line Guide
  • Reinforced Clutch Cam
  • Keep R Integrated Hook Keeper
  • Generation II Hard Anodized Worm Shaft
  • Low-Friction 6-Way Braking System
  • Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate
  • Trick Shop Compatible

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