Fortress FX-37 Anchor Review

Fortress FX-37 Anchor Specifications and Benefits

The Fortress FX-37 Anchor, weighing only 21lbs, is optimised for boats sized 46-51′. The anchor is widely recognised across the globe as the best in maritime anchoring systems. Marine experts and boaters accorded this prestigious title to the Fortress FX-37 after rigorous testing done across different coastlines.

Design and Performance

The Fortress FX-37 Anchor is designed for high performance. The design relies not on weight, but on years of research and development, stringent use of high-tech materials, meticulous manufacturing processes, and several real-world tests. This precision-engineered anchor, manufactured using an aluminum alloy as strong as steel, operates superiorly despite being half the weight of steel anchors.


  • Machining from an aluminum alloy that equals the strength of steel but weighs only half.
  • Fluke angle adjustable between 32° to 45°.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, durable, corrosion-resistant, tough anodised finish.
  • Can be disassembled, making it easy to manage and store.


  • Resistant to Rust.
  • Sharper than heavy, dull-edged steel anchors facilitating faster setting and deeper penetration into common sea bottoms for revolutionary holding power.
  • Serves excellently as a spare or storm anchor.
  • Free replacement for any damaged anchor part, for life (customer only covers shipping and handling costs).
  • Excels in soft mud bottoms due to exclusive feature enhancing holding power.

Fortress Stowaway Bag


The Fortress Stowaway Bag, custom designed to fit all Fortress and Guardian anchors, is an optimal storage solution for your spare and storm anchors. Developed from top-quality, rugged ballistic Cordura, the bag securely holds the anchor, a 6 (2 m) chain, shackles, wrenches, spare clips and even includes easy-to-follow anchor assembly and bag packing diagrams sewn into it.


  • Sturdy built to withstand the rugged marine environment.
  • High-strength, extra-wide Velcro straps serve as convenient carrying handles.
  • Each bag is furnished with pouches to hold the correct size wrenches and a spare fluke clip, bolt and nut.

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