Fortress Guardian Anchor Review

Fortress Guardian Anchor and Stowaway Bag

The purpose-built Fortress Guardian Anchor Stowaway Bag is designed with Cordura® nylon, ensuring its durability and resistance against harsh marine conditions. Its construction features high-strength, extra-wide Velcro® closures and straps. The bag includes an accessible storage compartment for the Guardian anchor and provides pouches for accompanying wrenches, a backup fluke clip, and a bolt and nut. Illustrated instructions detailing the anchor’s assembly and packing procedures are conveniently sewn into the bag.

  • Cordura nylon construction gives durability
  • Heavy-duty Velcro straps provide security
  • Storage spaces for anchor, chain, shackle and wrenches
  • Included assembly diagrams facilitate usage

The Guardian Lightweight Anchor

The Fortress’ Guardian Lightweight Anchor, made from a high-tensile, anti-corrosive aluminum-magnesium alloy, presents a cost-effective alternative to heavier, rust-prone, steel anchors. Its lightweight build does not compromise its strength, while the absence of welds eliminates potential failing points. This anchor can be dismantled for convenient storage, providing an accessible and manageable anchor solution for marine enthusiasts. This product comes with a 1-year limited parts warranty.

  • High-tensile, corrosion-resistant alloy gives durability and lightness
  • Disassembled easily for storage
  • Exempt from welds to avoid failure points
  • Covered by a 1-year limited parts warranty

Guardian Aluminum Anchors

Our Guardian Aluminum Anchors offer an affordable alternative to heavier steel anchors. Made from a high tensile, corrosion-resistant aluminum-magnesium alloy and precision-engineered at a 32° fluke angle, these anchors are a lighter, rust-resistant option that can be disassembled for compact storage or parts replacement. Guardian Aluminum Anchors also come with Mud Palms which facilitate faster anchor setting in any sea bed. Please note that they may be less effective on rocky or grassy bottoms.

  • Constructed from high tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Lightweight and easy to manage
  • High holding power offers secure anchoring
  • Rustproof and disassemblable for convenient storage
  • Featuring Mud Palms for rapid anchor setting

Replacement Warranty and Holding Power

The Guardian anchor offers a safer, higher-performing alternative to heavy steel anchors, with a free part replacement warranty for a year. Customers are only responsible for shipping and handling costs. The anchor has varying holding power based on boat length and weight, as well as the type of sea bed, with power ranging from 1,050lbs / 476kg to 4,875lbs / 2,211kg.

  • Precision-machined from sturdy, lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Easy to manage weight and rustproof
  • Excellent alternative to heavier steel anchors
  • Can be disassembled for convenient storage
  • 1-year replacement warranty covers any damage to anchor parts

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