303 Products Marine & Recreation Fabric Guard Review

303 Marine & Recreation Fabric Guard: Ultimate Protection for Canvas Upholstery and Breathable Foul Weather Gear

Revolutionize the protection of your marine and recreational fabrics with 303 Marine and Recreation Fabric Guard. It replenishes lost water and stain resistance, providing robust shielding that significantly enhances repellency. Ideal for use on a range of items such as outdoor leather seats, boat covers, Dacron® sails, awnings and outdoor clothing. It serves as an exclusive and unique protective formula for Sunbrella upholstery. To achieve optimum results, pre-clean the fabric with 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Key Characteristics:

  • All types of fabrics, encompassing natural fibers and synthetics, can be safely treated.
  • Effectively protects cockpit cushions, curtains and canvas from environmental factors.
  • Capable of sealing seams.
  • Restores water and stain repellency levels to match those of new fabric.
  • Maintains dryness in fabric, preventing mold formation.
  • Offers high resistance against soiling.
  • Defends against both water-based and oil-based stains.
  • No modifications to fabric color, texture, flammability or breathability post-application.

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