Aftco Stand-Up Fishing Belt Review

Aftco Stand-Up Fishing Belt

The Aftco Stand-Up Fishing Belts are meticulously designed with a focus on superior design, usage of advanced materials, and utmost comfort. Sporting a super-thick back pad made from closed-cell EVA foam, these belts ensure maximum comfort and leverage. When aptly positioned low across the thighs, they adeptly distribute the load for optimal pull to enable fishermen to effectively fight big fish in a stand-up style.

Superior features and Design

The foam back pad also includes a sturdy yet lightweight front plate made from gold-anodized stamped aluminum. It exhibits durability and has posts on either side that accept distinctive Quick Clips. These clips are crucial in instantly snapping the belt’s two-piece straps (or optional drop straps) in place for effortless wearing or removal.

The belts are also equipped with strong, molded glass-filled nylon gimbal pockets that are crafted for quick and effective guidance of rod butts into the best position for fighting fish. They include stainless steel pins that are adjustable for either horizontal or vertical alignment.

High Performance and Value

These belts complement the Aftco Maxforce Harness perfectly, and offer outstanding value and performance. Notably, they also float, thereby offering added convenience if they happen to fall overboard.

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