Ancor Heat Shrink Disconnects Review

Ancor Heat Shrink Disconnects: Securing Your Marine Electrical Connections

Engineered to create firm electrical connections on your marine vessel, Ancor Heat Shrink Disconnects guarantee security and reliability even in remote locations. This product offers stress relief from vibrations and strain, ensuring the longevity of your electrical system.

One of the key features of these heat shrink terminals is the heat-activated adhesive incorporated into the sleeve. Upon heating, a watertight seal is created between the terminal and the connecting wire. This seal effectively alleviates the risk of corrosion by obstructing any contact with moisture, thereby preserving the carrying capacity and strength of the conductors. Without proper sealing, unshielded wire can erode and fracture over time, resulting in expensive repair costs.

Key Features of Ancor Heat Shrink Disconnects

The Ancor Heat Shrink Disconnects are notorious for their distinct attributes listed below:

  • A tab size of 1/4″ (6.4mm)
  • Tinned to resist corrosion
  • Composed of pure copper to facilitate maximum current flow
  • Seam brazed for enhanced strength
  • Recognised by UL 310 and CSA

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