Flir M300C Stabilized Visible IP Camera Review

Flir M300C Stabilized Visible IP Camera

The Flir M300C provides a high-performance visible marine camera combined with extensive optical zoom capability. Catering to commercial, law enforcement, and recreational applications, the M300C delivers positive target identification. Benefitting from advanced gyro-stabilization technology, it assures steady imaging even in rough sea conditions, enabling continuous monitoring of targets or risks over great distances.

Key Features include:

  • 30x Optical zoom for enhanced target identification
  • Ultra-low light camera technology, ensuring visible imagery even in extreme lighting conditions
  • Unique FLIR technology for intelligent recognition of other vessels and floating objects
  • Two-axis mechanical stabilization to greatly reduce the effects of pitch, heave and yaw

Additional M300C Datasheet Information

The M300C camera also offers unrivaled low light performance, significantly improving captain awareness when dusk arrives. It features a HD visible imaging sensor and extensive zoom; providing superior long-range imaging, outclassing even binoculars.

High Definition Navigation

  • Real-time overlay of AIS targets, chart objects, and waypoints when paired with Raymarine Axiom and Clear Cruiseâ„¢ augmented reality technology

A Steady View in Rough Seas

  • Stable viewing in heavy seas maintained through two-axis mechanical stabilization
  • Electronic stabilization to mitigate low-frequency rumble and vibration
  • Integrated AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference Sensor)
  • Horizontal stabilization automatically adjusts the camera during maneuvering

Seamless Integration

  • Extraordinary connectivity with security and navigation systems
  • Optional joystick control unit and compatibility with multifunction navigation displays (JCU2)
  • ONVIF compliance for PTZ security camera functionality
  • H.264 IP video stream and HD-SDI lossless digital video interface
  • Composite analog video (SD) support, enabling integration with legacy displays

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