Attwood Slip Ring Penetrating Anchor Review

Attwood Slip Ring Penetrating Anchor

The Attwood 9963-1 and the Attwood 9962-1 are models of Penetrating Slip Ring Anchors from Attwood. These anchors are stowable and are specifically designed to dig into various surfaces such as sand, mud, or gravel.


  • Weight: The Attwood 9963-1 weighs 8 lbs while the Attwood 9962-1 weighs 6.5 lbs.
  • Material: They are both manufactured from hot dip galvanized steel, ensuring strong corrosion resistance and robust strength.
  • Assembly: The anchors are made of arc-welded steel that guarantees steady fluke-to-shank angles for speedy penetration and secure hold.
  • Design: Both models feature pivoting flukes which rotate downward for optimal anchoring into the bottom surface.
  • Performance: They exhibit an excellent weight-to-holding-power ratio when compared to cast anchors.
  • Special Feature: The anchors incorporate a slip-ring shank which facilitates easy retrieval when the anchor is snagged.

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