Fusion Garmin Signature Series Marine Amplifier Review

Garmin Fusion Signature Series Marine Amplifier Overview

The Garmin Fusion Signature Series 8-Channel 2,000W Marine Amplifier exemplifies a premium marine audio solution purposefully designed for deliverance in harsh marine environments. The device provides impressive protection from environmental forces to ensure a Signature performance, thus defining a new level of marine audio experience.

Core Features

Connect up to 2 speakers per channel at 2 ohms or bridge 2 channels at 4 ohms with this class-D amplifier. In addition to that, the Garmin boat amplifier offers several outstanding features for performance optimization:

  • High efficiency and improved output for an amplified audio experience
  • A conformal-coated PCB to enhance resilient performance against environmental elements
  • A strong and rigid aluminum-alloy heat sink skillfully crafted to provide increased heat dissipation.


The Garmin Fusion Signature Series 8-Channel 2,000W Marine Amplifier comes with a manufacturer’s 3-year limited warranty, attesting to our confidence in the product’s superior build and durability.

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