Garmin Airmar B164 Thru-Hull Dual Frequency Transducer Review

Garmin Airmar B164 Thru-Hull Dual Frequency Transducer

Enhance the efficiency of your fishfinder with Garmin Airmar B164 Thru-Hull Dual Frequency Transducer, boasting a high-powered 1kW 20° tilted element. Specifically designed for fast, trailered tournament-sportfishing vessels, the B164 transducer offers a solution for boats where a high-performance fairing is unfeasible.

With a flush-mounted stainless steel housing that extends less than a quarter inch outside the hull, the transducer won’t be damaged even if placed on the trailer rollers and bunks. Its ceramic arrays are strategically tilted internally, delivering an exceptional vertical beam that concentrates maximum energy directly beneath the boat, enhancing the power of your fishfinder.

Fishing Applications

  • Inshore and bluewater trolling
  • Deep-water bottom and structure fishing up to 1,640′
  • A versatile 1kW transducer for a wide array of fishing types

Key Features

  • Fixed 20° tilted element suitable for a 16° to 24° hull deadrise
  • Produces 1kW of power and operates at 50/200 kHz over multiple ceramics
  • Perfectly suited for center-console and trailered boats
  • Minimal and low-profile protrusion below the hull
  • No impact on the running performance of your boat
  • Interface compatible with any 600W or 1 kW sounder
  • Rugged bronze housing
  • Includes depth and quick response water-temperature sensor
  • Recommended for boats size range: 25’ to 35’
  • Style: Thru-hull mushroom
  • Cable Length: 30′ (6m)
  • Connector: 8-pin structure
  • Max. Deadrise Angle: 16° to 24° hull deadrise
  • Monitors: Depth and temperature
  • Composition: Bronze housing with Urethane acoustic window
  • Transmit Power: 1 kW
  • Frequency: Operates at 50/200kHz
  • Max. Depth Range: 50kHz: 1,200′ to 1,800′; 200kHz: 500′ to 800′
  • Beamwidths: 50kHz: 22° x 20°; 200kHz: 6°x 6°

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