Garmin Airmar B744V Thru-Hull Multisensor Dual Frequency Transducer Review

Garmin Airmar B744V Thru-Hull Multisensor Dual Frequency Transducer

The Garmin Airmar B744V Triducer offers a multisensor system in one compact casing, combining depth, speed, and temperature features. Requiring only a single drilled hole for installation, it is built to provide accurate data even at high speeds over 30 knots. Thanks to its patented self-closing valve assembly, the transducer can be safely removed without triggering unwanted water flow into the boat. The device boasts a streamlined installation due to its being fully recessed into its custom High-Performance Fairing.


  • Prolonged stem-length for steep-deadrise vessels or thick hulls
  • 50/200kHz multisensor with depth, speed, and temperature capabilities
  • Constructed with a compact, through-hull design


  • Coastal or inshore fishing in shallow to medium depths
  • Slow trolling, structure fishing, and drifting
  • Deep-water lake fishing


  • Style: Thru-hull with fairing
  • Cable Length: 39′
  • Hull Deadrise: Up to 24° with fairing
  • Dimensions: 9 1/16″H x 3 1/16″W x 13 3/4″L
  • Monitors: Depth, speed, and temperature
  • Material: Bronze
  • Transmit Power: 600W (RMS)
  • Frequency: 50/200kHz
  • Max. Depth: 50kHz: 800′ to 1.200′; 200kHz: 400′ to 700′
  • Transducer connector: Blue 8-pin
  • Beamwidth: 45°/12°

Compatible with the GSD 24, it demands the transducer adapter cable part number 010-11612-00 when using with a 6-pin Garmin sounder. The Kingdom’s B744V showcases exceptional durability and performance, making it a reliable choice for sailors and boaters.

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