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What is the purpose of a barrel swivel in fishing?

Boating enthusiasts and avid fishermen know that the right equipment can make all the difference when casting a line. One of the small, but significant devices that often get overlooked is the barrel swivel. Barrel swivels are a very useful tool in fishing, which allows for a smooth and tangle-free experience of angling.


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A barrel swivel is a small metallic item that features two interlocking circles or barrels. These two barrels are joined by a rounded metal piece that rotates or swivels. Swivels can come in different sizes, with the standard sizes ranging from a few millimeters to a few inches.

The primary function of a barrel swivel is to prevent the fishing line from twisting or tangling. When reeling in a lure, bait or fish, the fishing line tends to twist and turn, leading to knots and tangles, which becomes difficult to untangle. This is where the barrel swivel comes in handy.

By attaching a barrel swivel to the end of the fishing line, the swivel rotates or swivels, preventing the line from twisting. This rotation helps to reduce friction and also increases the resistance, thus making it easier to reel in the catch. The swivel also allows for a more natural presentation of the bait or lure, which increases the chances of attracting fish.

Another advantage of using a barrel swivel is that it can help to increase the lifespan of your fishing line. The twisting and tangles that occur over time because of reeling in and out can weaken the line, making it more prone to break. However, with the addition of a barrel swivel to your fishing line, the line remains straight, and the chances of wear and tear are significantly reduced.

It is essential to note that not all swivels work the same way, and choosing the right barrel swivel for the type of fishing is crucial. A swivel that is too small can hinder a smooth rotation, causing more twisting, while a swivel that is too large can scare off the fish.

Barrel swivels are an essential tool in fishing that aids in preventing line twisting and tangling. A barrel swivel also increases the lifespan of the fishing line and enhances the presentation of lures and baits. So, for a pleasant and fruitful fishing experience, always ensure to attach a barrel swivel to your fishing line.

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