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2023 Solace 30 HCS Review

Solace Boats is the manufacturer of the 2023 Solace 30 HCS. The company was started in 2019 and they quickly rose to the top by winning the NMMA Innovation Award and Boating Magazine’s Boat of the Year in 2020.

The 2023 Solace 30 HCS is a game changer and has the ability to multitask making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to be able to do more on their boat. This boat is the biggest hybrid boat that is currently available and is roughly 30 feet in length.

Solace has presented the 2023 Solace 30 HCS to be a wonderful inshore fishing boat and a well-fitted offshore fishing boat as well.

The company states that they are different from other competitors due to the quality, innovation, and performance of their boat lineup including the 30 HCS. Through innovation, you can expect your boat to be fully equipped with everything you need to make your time on the water easy and enjoyable. Solace has made a commitment to continue to improve and evolve over the years to meet the needs of boaters.

Solace boasts that they use only the finest and highest quality of products when it comes to crafting their boats. This is what they believe truly sets them apart from others. The high level of quality on the interior and exterior is what draws in boaters and keeps them coming back for the newest models in the Solace lineup.

Performance is mandatory and Solace knows how to make sure their boats impress. The company does offer multiple engine options to ensure you get the power you want at the throttle. You can best believe that the ride you experience on the 2023 Solace 30 HCS is unlike one that you have experienced before.

The 2023 Solace 30 HCS is the perfect hybrid center console that is ideal for time with the family on the water or for fishing. The boat, being a hybrid model, hits the nail on the head when it comes to speed, handling, comfort, and luxury.

We invite you to explore the 2023 Solace 30 HCS in depth with us. We will take a look at the interior, accessories, pricing, and warranty information. This review will help give you a better idea as to whether this hybrid center console is right for you or not.

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Interior and Accessories

Starting at the rear of the 30 HCS, you will find a pair of live wells that each hold a total of 30 gallons. Atop of the live well lids is plush and comfortable seating. The seating includes a cushioned backrest for relaxation and armrests. The backrest is adjustable and swings to allow for either aft-facing or fore-facing seating.

To the sides of the live wells are two swing open doors that provide access to the swim platform. Here, you and your passengers can get into and out of the water via one of the two boarding ladders that pull out for easy access and accessibility.

In front of the seating area at the transom are two fish boxes, set into the floor to provide a flush deck. Each fish box is 35 gallons.

At the back of the cockpit is a large workstation that you will find fully equipped to make this a great fishing boat. The workstation comes with a 108-quart cooler and a sink. You will also find drink holders, a faucet, cutting boards, and storage for both tools and knives. Cellphone chargers can also be found underneath the workstation.

To the side of the cockpit is a tackle storage area where you can keep your fishing gear and items. There is a vertical gaff and rod storage section in the head compartment to keep these items out of the way as you get to your fishing location.

Running along the sides of the cockpit are walkways that are spacious for free movement from front to rear of the boat.

The cockpit area itself is outfitted for the captain with two deluxe helm seats that are plush and feature fold-up armrests and bolsters. The cockpit is protected by a three-sided windshield made from durable glass. The windshield comes with a wiper and easily opens up to the front of the boat with the single push of a button.

Captains can feel in complete control of their vessel as the console area is home to dual 16-inch Garmin MFDs. All of the needed switches and controls are all found here. The cockpit is also home to the interior that features an upholstery trim. The interior is 6 feet and 2 inches in height making it quite spacious. Inside of this area you will find an electric marine head, Corian counter, and a sink.

Above the console is a tower that is home to a canvas covering that offers shade to the entire cockpit area.

Moving from the cockpit and out onto the bow, there is a large and oversized sun bed that is perfect for lounging and catching some of the sun’s rays while on the water. The sun bed features head and back rests for supreme comfort as you cruise. There is additional bow seating that can be found at the front of the sun bed. To the front sides of the bow seating are additional storage boxes.

Additional Features Included on the 2023 Solace 30 HCS:

  • LED navigation lights
  • Recessed grab rails
  • SS magnets to secure cushions in place
  • Rod holders mounted at the transom
  • LED underwater lights
  • Fire extinguishers
  • 12V charging station
  • JL audio system with speakers and subwoofers


The 2023 Solace 30 HCS comes with your choice of engines, which include twin Mercury V8 300R engines, twin Mercury V6 Verado 400 engines with joystick, or twin Mercury V8 450R engines. Depending on the performance and speed you are looking for, you can make sure your boat has it all packed right in.

Handling of the 2023 Solace 30 HCS is considered smooth and easy. You can expect to take turns well, even those sharp turns you may need to make at a higher speed. As you accelerate, you will find that your throttle controls are near the steering wheel and acceleration and planning is as perfect as can be.


  • Functional deck layout
  • Ready for fishing out on the sea
  • Plenty of seating on board
  • Large workstation area that includes phone chargers
  • Tower to provide shade

Pricing and Specifications

Solace does not have the pricing information for the 2023 Solace 30 HCS listed on its website. However, research shows that the starting base MSRP for the 2023 Solace 30 HCS sits somewhere around $500,000 to $550,000. However, do keep in mind that this price can vary depending on any features you may choose.

Solace does give you the opportunity to upgrade your boat by adding additional features and options to truly make the boat your own.

To get accurate pricing for your new 2023 Solace 30 HCS, it is best to work closely with an authorized dealer.

2023 Solace 30 HCS Specifications

  • Length: 29 feet 10 inches
  • Beam: 9 feet 10 inches
  • Fuel Capacity: 187 gallons
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 31 gallons
  • Max Horsepower: 900
  • Live Well Capacity: 30 gallons (each)
  • Fish Box Capacity: 35 gallons (each)

Final Thoughts

Solace states that “the world’s premium boats don’t happen by accident,” and we tend to agree with them. It takes a lot of work to put together a boat that boaters will be happy with. The attention to detail and the thought process that Solace puts into crafting their boats really shines through.

Solace is excited to be able to offer the 2023 Solace 30 HCS to boaters everywhere. This center console is designed to meet the needs of fishermen and families alike. There are plenty of amenities and features included on board to make this boat a place you want to be.

We think the 2023 Solace 30 HCS is a great option, especially when you want a boat that is built to be a hybrid. If you are looking for a new boat, the 2023 Solace 30 HCS is a great option and one that you should definitely consider.

To see this boat in person, to learn more about its price, or to take it out on the water, speak with a local authorized dealer today.

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