Summertime Snack Ideas for Your Boating Adventure

Summertime means boats, waves, and lots of fun in the sun. Being out on the water is sure to be exciting, but one thing that you may quickly overlook due to your excitement is FOOD.

Nothing can make your boating day more perfect than adding food to it. With that said, what types of foods can you take on your boat and enjoy without having to worry much about a mess or having to devote a lot of time to eating it? You want your food and snacks to be easy to grab, eat, and toss out when done.

Below, we will go over some of the best boating snacks that will not only be yummy but will help power you through your day out on the water.

Boating Snacks

Chips and Dip

Who doesn’t love chips and dip? This is a snack that you can take just about anywhere, and it makes the perfect boating snack too.

The type of chips and dip you bring is up to you and you can choose from the traditional chips and salsa or potato chips with a French onion dip. Your choices are endless and so is the fun.


Pretzels are a great and hearty snack that is easy to carry with you and it quite filling. This salty snack can be eaten alone, or you can enjoy it with a dip such as cream cheese, hummus, or even some Nutella, if you want something sweet.


Ever wanted to simply just eat a taco while out on the water? Of course. Tacos are delicious but they are messy and not an ideal boat food – until now. Walking tacos are the solution to the mess and will quickly end that taco craving you are having.

Simply take a snack-sized bag of Fritos or Doritos, crush them up, and then pile on the taco meat and toppings. This “walking taco” is easy, convenient, and mess free.


Let’s face it, it gets hot out on the water and when it does, you want to cool off quickly. One way to cool off quickly is to bring popsicles with you on your boat trip.

Popsicles are sweet, fun, and easy to eat while delivering a cool down from the hot sun.

Boating Dinner Ideas

If you plan to be on your boat during dinner time, you may want to have some foods ready to go and serve when the time comes. There are many different types of easy-to-serve foods that can make dinner on the water enjoyable and fun.

Here are some excellent dinner ideas for the boat:

  • Hamburgers and hot dogs
  • Fish
  • Sandwich wraps
  • Chicken sandwiches
  • Salad
  • BBQ skewers

Party Food for the Boat

Having a party on your boat is a great way to connect with friends and family and of course, food is usually involved, which means you will be looking for ideas on what to serve.

Party foods should not only feed a crowd, but they should be easy to eat.

Check out these party foods for your next party on the boat:

  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Pinwheel wraps
  • Ladyfinger sandwiches
  • Meat skewers
  • Marinated shrimp
  • Sub sandwiches
  • Buffalo chicken dip

Keeping Your Boating Snacks Fresh

Now that you know what snacks and food to bring with you on your boat, you now need to think about how you plan to keep it fresh.

If you have a boat with a kitchen and refrigerator/freezer on board, then you can keep your items stored away in those compartments and in those appliances.

However, if you do not, then you need to think outside the box and prepare for your day out. To start, you will want to have a cooler (maybe a couple of them). You can keep ice in the cooler to keep the popsicles frozen and drinks cold. You will also need to place any perishable items within the cooler to prevent them from spoiling, especially meat and dairy products.

Bringing dry food or non-perishable foods on board is a lot easier and you can simply keep them in a dry storage bag or another type of bag that you use to transport your food.

Live It Up in the Sun and Enjoy Good Food

The above snack ideas are perfect for any day out on the water and you, and your guests are sure to have fun. Remember, keep it simple and easy on yourself.


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