Dock Your Boat Smoothly This Summer with These Tips

Docking a boat can be easy but it does take some practice. At first go, you will find it difficult and may struggle with it too. This is expected but let’s face it, no one at the dock is going to want to wait around while you try to figure out how to dock your boat. In layman’s terms, don’t learn how to dock your boat in a busy marina.

Whether you plan to spend the summer cruising on the open water or you simply want to take yourself and friends out fishing a couple of times, one thing is certain – you need to know how to dock your boat.

If you are a beginner, have no fear, even experienced boaters need a refresher. Below, we will provide you with some tips to help you feel confident to dock your boat smoothly this summer.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Just as you would with any sport, it is important that your practice, practice, and practice docking your boat. Even when you think you have it down to science, practice.

It takes time to learn how to dock a boat correctly and properly on the first try and guess what, even experienced boaters mess it up.

Over time and the more you practice, you will get the hang of it and you will feel more confident in your ability.

Avoid Crowded Areas

One of the worst things you could do for yourself would be trying to learn how to dock your boat when everyone else is trying to dock their boats.

When it comes to the time to learn or practice, make sure you choose a dock that is not busy or visit a dock during a time that is not busy.

The less stress you have when you practice, the better.

Keep Your Angles in Mind

They say photos are all about the angles but guess what, so is docking. You MUST know your angles to properly dock and keep them in mind at all times.

When it comes to angles, everything you do matters. Simply approaching the dock a little more to the right or left can affect your angles greatly.

In addition, wind has an effect on your angles so do be prepared to make adjustments.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Help

Asking a friend for help is never something to be ashamed of and having someone to help you gives you the advantage.

As you start to bring your boat to shore, have someone get out and assist you in getting your boat docked. The person on the ground can help guide your position and even tie the lines for you. They can be your second set of eyes in case you have a blind spot.

Go Slow

While you feel confident in your ability, or you may be in a rush, never go fast when trying to dock as this is when mistakes happen.

Take it slow and don’t be afraid to go slow. Remember, being safe is better than causing an accident.

Don’t Forget to Turn Your Engine Off

Once you have docked the boat and tied the lines, you want to shut your engine off.

But wait! Don’t shut the engine off too soon because you may find that you need to readjust your boat. If you do need to make an adjustment, hold off on tying the lines and simply hop in and maneuver around.

Once you are happy with the position and have tied the lines, turn the engine off.

Get Out There and Test Your Skills

The only way to know if you are ready to dock your boat is to do it! This means you need to get out there and practice. Now is the time to practice too as summer is just around the corner.

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