De-Winterize Your Boat the Right Way with These Professional Tips

As the air is warming up around us and flowers are starting to bloom, now is the time to start thinking about pulling your boat out of storage.

While it would be awesome if you could pull the boat out and immediately hit the water, this is just not the case. In fact, you will need to de-winterize your boat to ensure it is in tip-top shape to head out on the water.

If you properly prepared your boat for winterization, you should not expect there to be problems with it, but it is always best to check the boat out because your safety and the safety of your friends and family is paramount.

Ready to kick off boating season? Check out our helpful tips for making sure your boat is de-winterized the right way.

Don’t De-Winterize Too Soon

One of the first things you want to do is decide when it is time to de-winterize your boat. You do not want to do it too soon, but many boaters have different ideas of when it is time to pull that boat out of storage.

One of the key indications that it is safe to go ahead and de-winterize your boat is once the temperatures will consistently remain above freezing. If there will be any frigid nights or freezing temperatures, it is best to continue to wait to de-winterize your boat.

Start By Uncovering Your Boat and Checking Your Engine and Fuel

Once you have decided to de-winterize your boat, you can remove the cover. This will be a day of excitement as you finally get to pull the cover off.

After the cover is off, you should check out the engine and all of the equipment associated with it. You want to make sure you replace the oil and oil filter to start the season off fresh. You should also start up the boat to ensure that all of the electronics are in good working order and that nothing needs to be replaced.

You also want to check your fuel tank and top off your fuel tank before you attempt to head out. When checking your fuel tank, look for any signs of water buildup.

Add Water That You Drained When Winterizing

When you winterized your boat, you drained all the water from it, remember? Now it is time to go back and add water to all of those onboard systems. Once you have added water to the water tanks, you will need to run the engine to allow the water the opportunity to flow through the engine and other systems.

Do a Full Safety Check

Before heading out on the water at all, you want to make sure that all of your mechanical and safety systems are working correctly and as they should.

Any issues should be addressed immediately and corrected before you take your boat out.

Restock the Boat with Essentials

You likely cleaned out your boat when you prepared it for the winter, so now it is time to take an inventory of the boat and restock not only your essentials, but also your safety gear as well.

If you removed the life vests or any cones/flares, you would want to put them back on the boat including any first aid kits.

If you have a kitchen on your boat, you should stock this area back up as well prior to the trip so that you are 100 percent ready to go when the time comes.

Don’t Neglect the Trailer

One aspect of the boat that is often neglected or forgotten about is the trailer. This is one of the most important pieces as it transports you and your boat.

You should inspect the trailer’s tires, lights, and function to ensure that it is safe to not only carry your boat but to drive as well.

Any and all repairs to the trailer should be done BEFORE you load your boat or take the trailer out on the road.

Get Ready to Have Fun

Once your boat is de-winterized, you are ready to go have fun out on the water.

Above everything else, you want to make sure your boat is safe and in good working order before you take it out on the water.

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