The Billionaire’s Playground: Where to Spot Superyachts Around the World

A superyacht! What in the world is it?

Billionaires all over the world like to showcase some of the most expensive and largest boats in the world. These boats are custom built and outfitted with luxury around every corner. If you have never heard the term superyacht, you are not alone. In fact, most people do not even know that there are different levels of yachts.

So, what the heck is a superyacht? 

There is no steadfast rule that makes a superyacht a superyacht based on price, length, or equipment installed, but there is one thing that is certain – the world’s most expensive and largest yachts are superyachts.

While there is no specific size distinction when it comes to what a superyacht is, in general, it refers to yachts that are more than 80 feet in length. Superyachts can accommodate multiple people and they often have a crew on board.

What everyone can agree on is that a superyacht is a billionaire’s dream brought to life. Superyachts are opulent, exquisite, and nothing short of seriously luxurious.

Superyachts to Spot Around the World

Check out these superyachts that can be spotted all around the world!

Dr. No 

Dr. No is a very large superyacht that is about 120 feet in length. It is capable of carrying a 22-foot submarine on board. This yacht was built in Japan and has been spotted most recently in Denmark. The vessel can sleep up to 8 guests throughout the four different staterooms.

Narasaki Zosen K.K. is the architect responsible for this superyacht. It is constructed with aluminum and a steel hull making it solid.

This superyacht is active and sails around frequently.


The Artefact won the World Superyacht Award and also ranked number one in 2021 for Motor Yacht of the Year. This vessel was delivered in 2020 and was built by Nobiskrug in Germany. This ship can accommodate up to 14 guests throughout the 7 staterooms located on board.

This boat comes in with a length of around 262 feet and ranks within the top five percent of boats in the world for length.

The Artefact has been spotted near Alaska and also the French Polynesia recently.


The Enterprise is a bit smaller than some of the other superyachts on here coming in at 124 feet. This boat was recently spotted in the North Cove Yacht Harbor in New York. This yacht was built in less than three years and showcases a stunning and large sundeck. On board is a glass-sided pool and spa, which is luxury right there.

Enterprise was built by Baglietto in 2022 and can accommodate up to 10 guests throughout the 5 staterooms located on board.


In 2019, Bold left the shipyard and has been a hit ever since. People love laying eyes on this superyacht and for good reason too. This vessel has been around the globe and has been spotted in all different waters. She has a total of more than 90,000 nautical miles, which is impressive.

The boat itself is 279 feet in length and was built in Australia. This vessel can accommodate up to 16 guests throughout the 8 staterooms on board. Bold does rank in the top five percent of boats in the world for length.

Bold is an active superyacht and has most recently been spotted on the move in France.


The Dragonfly is a superyacht that measures around 240 feet. This vessel recently underwent a refit and has been active since. Created by Silver Yachts in Australia in 2009, this ship is a sight to behold.

Dragonfly can accommodate up to 18 guests in a total of 11 staterooms. This vessel is built with an aluminum superstructure, aluminum and teak deck, and an aluminum hull for extreme durability and safety.

The Dragonfly ranks in the top five percent of boats in the world for length. It is an active boat and has recently been spotted in Australia at the Southport Yacht Club Marina for about a week.

Blue Jeans 

Blue Jeans made her maiden voyage from the Dutch shipyard in Van der Valk to London. This vessel stands out with her hull a beautiful custom lapis color. The ship is 108 feet in length and comes with a stunning sundeck that has a built-in firepit. Some other stand-out features include a chillout lounge at the foredeck and a folding bulwark that also doubles as a diving platform.


To say the Multiverse is a superyacht is an understatement. This vessel comes in at approximately 382 feet in length – that is huge! The vessel was recently spotted in the Tampa, Florida area. Prior to being renamed Multiverse, this ship was named Ulysses.

Graeme Hart commissioned to have this superyacht built and he is the richest man in New Zealand. This yacht can accommodate up to 66 guests in total. The Multiverse is within the top five percent of boats with the longest length in the world.

Spot a Superyacht Around the World Today

There are many superyachts located throughout the world and many of them are active. Superyachts are beautiful and luxurious dreams are made of. Many of the billionaires who own the superyachts use them for personal use and also rent them out for others to enjoy the beauty and luxury on the sea.

Have you seen a superyacht around the world? If so, which one?

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