Adrenaline Rush: Extreme Water Sports for the Adventure Junkie

Do you love being out on the water? Are you looking for a new adventure that can not only thrill you but provide you with hours of fun?

If so, then extreme water sports are an excellent option for you and something you should try, as we think you will love them.

Before you try any of these extreme water sports, do make sure you are in good health, and you are confident in your ability to handle them.

Try These Water Sports, You Adventure Seeker

If it is an adventure you seek, then you definitely want to check out these water sports. They will keep you and any of your friends or family entertained for an afternoon and you know what, you may just want to keep on participating in the water sport over and over.


Never heard of it? That’s okay, not everyone has. This water sport was first introduced in 2012, but it has gained traction and popularity more recently. This water sport is great for thrill seekers as it takes you straight up into the air from the water. It can be difficult to find that perfect equation of balance between you in the air and the controller at the wheel of the boat.

Did you know that there are several countries that actually have flyboarding competitions? You never know, you may love the sport enough that you want to compete too!


If you like to surf, wakeboarding is a great alternative as it is quite close. To wakeboard, you stand on a wakeboard while you are pulled by a boat. It can be quite challenging to master the art of staying upright on the board, but it is definitely a fun ride. Once you master being able to stand up on the wakeboard, the true fun begins as you hit all the waves and get some air. This water sport is arguably one of the most popular.


Parasailing is a great adventure for those who seek a thrill but also want a sense of safety at the same time. This activity is very popular, especially amongst tourists, and for good reason.

Parasailing takes place by sitting inside a chute while a boat tows you. The ship will speed up and the chute will catch wind and go higher and higher into the air. You will be up in the sky sailing around as the boat continues to move through the water. The views that you get from up here are breathtaking.

Barefoot Water Skiing

If you have ever been water skiing before with skis, you know how enjoyable and fun it is. An alternative to this is barefoot water skiing. Instead of the board being beneath you, it is just your bare feet on the water.

Having your feet bare leads to you being able to go much faster in the water. For newbies, this fast speed may scare them at first. Being able to successfully ski barefoot will take some precision as any small move could cause you to slip up and fall into the water.

Cliff Diving

Now this is an extreme water activity that you can do on your own or with some family or friends. This activity does require you to face your fear of heights, if applicable, but it is totally worth it in the end.

It is considered illegal to cliff dive in some areas, so you must make certain that you go through a reputable company to ensure you are safe.

Cliff diving is performed by doing just that – diving into the water from a large cliff. The thrill is breathtaking and will definitely leave you wanting more after that adrenaline rush.


Never heard of it? That’s okay. This is an all-in-one thrill adventure that you definitely need to try if you are someone who loves an adrenaline rush. The activity includes cliff diving, hiking, climbing, and rappelling all together.

This activity has been deemed one of the most popular because it does include so many activities altogether. This activity is extremely popular in the Philippines where the cliffs are abundant and rather challenging making it a wonderful activity to try, at least once in your life.

Jet Boating

Jet boating is a great adventure for those who seek speed and thrill at the same time. These jet boats can reach speeds much higher than traditional boats. They are excellent for speed racing and many people who own them like to charter them and take tourists out on the water.

One of the reasons these jet boats are so popular too is because if you have a talented captain, tricks can be performed right on the water. These tricks can include fast spins, which are sure to cause your heart to skip a beat or two.


When we say kayaking, we do not mean just any kayaking, but extreme kayaking. Those who seek a thrill will enjoy taking on the rapids of the river as the kayak is thrown around. Whitewater kayaking is an experience you don’t want to miss out on.

Which Extreme Water Sport Will You Try?

So, which extreme water sport do you plan to try? Each one is sure to deliver the thrill and adventure that you seek while out on the water. Get ready to liven up your next boating adventure for you and your friends or family. 

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