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Don’t Let Water Bring You Down – Tips for Mold and Mildew Prevention on Your Boat

You likely bought a boat because first, they are made for the water, and second because you like being out on the water. But, what if we were to tell you that your boat and water were not as close friends as you may have thought?

Wait, what?!

It is true. Mold and mildew are a serious issue for boaters and guess what the main cause of mold and mildew is? WATER.

Boats frequent the water and boats are exposed to water in all areas from the exterior to even the deck and sometimes interior seating. Enclosed spaces on the boat can trap water and when humidity and temperatures outside heat up, mold and mildew start to form and then spread.

Once mold has started to grow on your boat, it can be very difficult to get rid of. In fact, many boaters find themselves having to overhaul the interior of their boat due to mold issues.

The best way to fight back against mold and mildew on your boat is to prevent it in the first place. But is that even possible? After all, your boat does go in the water a lot too.

Below, you will find some excellent tips to help you prevent mold and mildew on your boat.

1. Cover Up Your Boat

One way to stop water from getting on your boat when it is not in the water is to utilize a boat cover. The cover should fit snuggly to prevent rain from getting inside of it. Your boat cover should also be vented properly to ensure adequate airflow.

If you do use a boat cover, you want to make sure that you check periodically for water pooling up on the cover. Water that pools on the cover can make its way into your boat.

2. Find Any Leaks and Seal Them Up

Prevention is key and one way to prevent issues with mold and mildew is to look for any leaks and then take care of them when you do find them.

You should spend time checking all the seals around the deck and boat to ensure they are all sealed well and not letting water in. Take a look at all the hardware too as sometimes these areas can become loosened or weak over time and let water in.

If you do notice any leaks or issues with the seals and hardware, repair them immediately.

3. Lower Humidity

Mold and mildew thrive in humid environments, so it is important to make sure that you reduce the humidity as much as possible. It can be difficult to do this in humid areas without some additional help.

There are options that require electricity and others that do not. For example, you can choose to run humidifiers and heaters to help lower humidity levels, but these should never be run unattended. If you want an option that can be left unattended, you should opt for devices that absorb humidity in the air. You can also opt for boat air dryers as these operate 24/7 and do not utilize any power, so they can be left unattended.

4. Always Ventilate

Your boat should be properly ventilated and if it is not, you want to start making sure you get it properly ventilated.

Air that is old and stagnant can retain moisture and then yield mold and mildew growth. You should make sure that all areas of your boat have access to airflow such as the rooms, cupboards, lockers, and any other closed-off areas.

You can also install vents to help with airflow.

5. Clean Up

Always clean up your boat, especially areas that are known for being humid or damp. You want to stay on top of and ahead of the issue, so if you notice any concerning signs, take the steps needed to rectify the situation before it becomes a big problem.

Utilizing a vinegar and water solution or a bleach and water solution will kill mildew and mold and works effectively on boats.

Get Ahead of Mold and Mildew and Keep Your Boat in Tip-Top Shape

Preventing mold and mildew is the best method for keeping your boat in its best condition but sometimes, it happens. Make sure to utilize the tips above and if you see any mold or mildew issues, address them immediately.

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