How to Boat the Right Way in South Florida

South Florida is made up of a cluster of different cities including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key West, Boca Raton, and several others. This area is known for its many beaches and hot spots. You can bet that there are plenty of visitors and boaters making the best of their summer vacations in South Florida.

South Florida is well-known for its beaches, culture, and food. If you have never been here before, you are in for a treat.

If you are planning to visit Miami or any of the other Southern Florida beaches, check out these tips to help you boat the right way and be prepared for what the area has to offer.

Plan a Whole Day of Boating

The South Florida beaches are not only cruise-worthy; they are absolutely stunning for sightseeing on a cruise. From Fort Lauderdale to Miami and even the Keys, it is better to plan for a whole day of cruising than to get out there and realize you want to cruise more.

Make sure to keep your schedule loose so that you have flexibility in where you cruise to and how long you are there for. Creating a tight schedule will cause more stress and limit you.

If you have a boat that you can sleep on, then we recommend you plan for a couple days or a few days of cruise time to really take in all that is offered in South Florida.

Be Prepared for the Sun

Florida has been nicknamed the Sunshine State for a reason and we can promise you that you will feel the sun while here.

You want to prepare as best as possible by making sure to have a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen with you at all times.

When dressing for the weather, especially during summer, think lightweight shorts, a light tank top, and flip flops. You want to enjoy your time out in the sun and not feel overheated or bogged down by your choice of clothing.

Know How to Maneuver Your Boat

The popularity of the South Florida beaches means you’ll encounter a lively atmosphere everywhere you go. Be prepared to showcase your parking and docking skills as these beaches are known for their vibrant energy and high demand for space.

Often, you will find that you need to maneuver into a tight spot or through a busy thoroughfare really testing your boat driving skills.

Don’t Overthink Rain Clouds

When people see rain clouds, they tend to head indoors and cancel their plans. One thing to know about South Florida is that rain clouds are common and do not always mean anything.

In fact, Florida is unique in that it can be sunny on one half of the street and raining on the other half of the street.

While you do want to keep an eye on the forecast and avoid rough water or heading out on the water during thunder or lightning, do not cancel your plans simply because it may rain. Florida weather is very touch and go and many times, even if it does storm, it is only for a few minutes and not an entire day.

Be Ready to See Wildlife

Just as you enjoy the Florida weather, so does the wildlife. You should expect to see a lot of wildlife while you are out boating and some wildlife that you have maybe never seen before.

For example, manatees are common in the springs and if you happen to make a stop there, you are likely to find yourself submersed in the water with them – don’t worry though – they are harmless.

Since there is a lot of wildlife that call the Florida waters home, you do need to pay special attention to signs and speed limits.

Lastly, make sure to bring a camera to snap pics of dolphins and other creatures you run into.

Come Enjoy the South Florida Beaches

If South Florida is on your list of places to boat to, do it. You will not regret it. South Florida is packed full of adventure both on and off the water and you are sure to get the most out of your vacation while here.

As a reminder, if you do plan to boat in South Florida, do make sure you have a properly fitting life vest for everyone on board!


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