Keeping Your Boats Outboard Motor Safe this Winter

Winter is truly one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. With snow on the ground and a nip in the air, it is the perfect time to cozy up indoors. However, as a boat owner, you need to ensure that your boat is properly protected during the winter months to avoid any costly damage to your boat. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that your boat’s outboard motor does not freeze during winter. This article will give you some helpful tips and tricks to keep your boat’s outboard motor safe. We will also show you how Boating World is the best resource for everything boating related.

The Dangers of Letting Your Boats Outboard Motor Freeze

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to challenge mother nature. Freezing temperatures can damage your outboard motor and all the piping in your system. When water is left in your outboard motor, it will start to freeze and expand when the temperature gets too low. An important thing to know is that no metal material on earth can hold off expanding freezing water indefinitely. In a fight against freezing water, your boat will lose every time. That is why ensuring you are properly prepared for this winter season is critical.

Tips to Keep Your Boats Outboard Motor Protect this Winter

  • The best and somewhat oblivious way to keep your boat’s outboard motor safe from the freezing temperature is to remove it from the water. We suggest that once you remove your outboard motor from the water, you place it on level ground.
  • You must ensure that your boat’s outboard motor fuel tank is nearly full. You don’t want to fill it up all the way because you will also want to put a fuel stabilizer in your tank as well. The less space you have in your outboard motor fuel tank, the less chance water will be able to get in and freeze.
  • Next, you can choose to add a fuel stabilizer to your outboard motors fuel tank. You do this by adding the fuel stabilizer to your fuel tank and running your engine for about 20 minutes. It is important to note that several fuel stabilizers are on the market, and we encourage you to check with your manufacturer to find the best one for your boat’s outboard motor.
  • Finally, you need to disconnect everything you can from your boat’s outboard motor. This includes all your lines, sparks, and battery. We also encourage you to fill all holes with a cloth or rag. This will help ensure that water cannot seep into the motor.
  • Staying Informed can Save You Headaches and Money this Winter Season

    It is no secret that owning a boat can be both time-consuming and costly. That is why it is important to do everything you can to protect your investment. Boating World has all the information you need to keep your boat running the way it should. If you want to learn more about your boat’s outboard motor or anything else boat related, we encourage you to check us out today!

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