Navigate with Confidence: Top 10 Marine Weather Apps

Whether you are a professional mariner or a casual sailor, keeping an eye on the weather is crucial for your safety and navigation. Today, there is no shortage of mobile apps and websites that provide weather updates, but not all of them are reliable for your marine adventures. Therefore, we have compiled our top 10 marine weather apps, which are sure to help you navigate with confidence.

1. PredictWind

(iOS, Android; Free trial/$9.99-$49.99 per month)

Reliable Forecasts

PredictWind provides high-resolution weather forecast charts, including wind, rain, temperature, wave height, direction, and period. It offers four different forecast models to ensure the information’s accuracy.

Revolutionary Route Planning

PredictWind’s advanced route planning allows you to compare the forecasted performance of multiple routes based on the latest weather conditions. The app also helps calculate the fastest route, optimizing your path based on your boat’s polar data.

2. Windy (Windyty)

(iOS, Android; Free)

Clear Interface

Windy offers a high-resolution interactive map with numerous forecast models. It provides information on wind, waves, and weather with an intuitive user interface, making it easy to plan your trip.

Extensive Data

Windy features data from many reputable sources, including ECMWF, GFS, NEMS, ICON, and more, ensuring accurate and comprehensive forecasts.

3. MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar

(iOS, Android; Free)

Real-time Marine Weather Radar

MyRadar NOAA Weather Radar provides real-time marine weather information with radar imagery, rain forecasts, and hurricane tracking. It also includes METAR data and marine weather warnings issued by NOAA.

Customizable Interface

The app allows you to customize the display, focusing only on the information you need—including tide charts, water temperature, and wave heights.

4. PocketGrib

(iOS, Android; $5.99)

Gribs on the Go

PocketGrib allows you to download and view GRIB files directly on your device, providing fast and accurate weather forecasts. With wind, temperature, precipitation, cloud cover, and pressure data, you can have all essential weather updates.

Interactive Map

PocketGrib features an intuitive user interface that lets you move the map or change the settings with just a few clicks or taps.

5. iNavX

(iOS, Android; $4.99-$49.99)

Comprehensive Navigation App

iNavX is a full-featured navigation app with marine weather overlays, including GRIB file support, wind speed and direction, wave height, and sea surface temperature.

Chartplotter Integration

The app integrates with various chartplotters like NOAA, Navionics, and Blue Latitude, making it a versatile option for different users.

6. Weather4D 2.0

(iOS; $14.99)

Highly Customizable

Weather4D 2.0 lets you choose between different weather models and download GRIB files, ensuring you get accurate forecasts throughout your voyage. You can also customize the interface by selecting your preferred forecast parameters and display settings.

Great for Planning

This app is an excellent tool for route planning, as it provides useful information on currents, tidal coefficients, and the arrival time for desired locations.

7. SailFlow

(iOS, Android; Free/$19.99 per year)

Localized Forecasts

SailFlow provides localized weather forecasts for sailors and surfers, using over 50,000 weather stations worldwide. The app offers wind, wave, and weather data, including real-time observations and forecasts.

Satellite Imagery

This app includes satellite weather imagery, giving you the tools to analyze weather patterns and stay ahead of severe conditions.

8. MeteoEarth

(iOS, Android; Free)

Visually Engaging

MeteoEarth is a visually engaging app that showcases animated weather maps for wind, temperature, precipitation, and cloud, which are based on data from ECMWF.

Customizable Layers

The app allows you to customize layers and map settings. You can even create alerts for specific weather conditions to stay informed throughout your journey.

9. RadarScope

(iOS, Android; $9.99/year)

Expert-level Radar App

RadarScope is a radar-based app that offers expert-level data for tracking storms, hurricanes, and other severe weather conditions, making it an excellent option for improved situational awareness.

Real-time Radar

This app provides real-time radar images and warnings, helping you stay safe and informed during your marine journeys.

10. Buoyweather

(iOS, Android; Free/$14.99 per month)

Marine-focused Forecasts

Specifically designed for sailors, Buoyweather provides accurate marine weather forecasts, with a focus on wind and swell events.

Global Data

Buoyweather offers forecasts for any point in the ocean, using a global network of Virtual Buoys that provide localized marine weather data.

No matter what your marine activities might entail, using a reliable marine weather app is essential for navigating with confidence. These ten apps offer comprehensive weather data, timely forecasts, and easily accessible information that will keep you informed throughout your journey.

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