The Sun is Out! Summertime Boating Tips to Keep Your Cool and Comfortable

Ready to get out and enjoy the sunshine this summer? If so, we have some boating tips that we think will help keep you comfortable.

While it is always fun to get out and play in the sun, we must all be aware that UV rays can be dangerous, and sunburn can happen without us even realizing it. In addition, depending on where you live, heatstroke is always a concern as well.

Take some time to check out these summer-cooling tips and let us know if you have any tricks to help you stay cool while the sun blazes above.

Did You Know Your T-Shirt Matters?

When you throw on a t-shirt, you likely aren’t thinking about whether it will be counterintuitive to your day of fun, do you? Of course not. However, the shirt that you choose to wear on your next summer adventure may dictate how comfortable you actually are.

It is important to opt for a lightweight cotton fabric shirt that will allow you to stay as cool as possible on a sunny and hot day. Cotton fabric is also good for helping to wick away moisture. As a side note, they do sell fabric that is made to wick away moisture if you are prone to sweating a lot in the sun.

Also, choose a light color for your shirt as well. Dark colors such as black can help you heat up much quicker as they attract the sun.

Don’t Forget the Ice

One of the worst mistakes you can make heading out on your boat in the heat of summer is not having any ice with you.

Ice is your best friend, and you will quickly realize why. It keeps your drinks cold. It can help you cool down if you get too hot. It will keep your food cool.

Having ice on board will allow you to feel refreshed when you start to feel just a bit too overheated.

Gather and Wear Your Accessories

We mentioned that it is important to wear a lightweight tee to help you stay comfortable, but it is just as equally important that you protect the rest of you as well.

Sunglasses are perfect for preventing the sun from getting in your eyes. Polarized sunglasses can ensure that your eyes are protected from the sun’s rays too.

A wide-brimmed hat is an excellent choice to ensure that your head is protected from sunburn. We tend to think little about it, but your head can get sunburned too, especially if you are bald.

Pass the Cool Treats

Remember how we said ice is your best friend on your boat? Make sure to stock up on some icy cold treats to keep on board. Popsicles and other cold sweets will help you cool down after being out in the sun. They not only taste good but are just enough to take the edge of the heat off and allow you to get back to fun sooner rather than later.

Oh, and they can keep you hydrated.

Stay Hydrated

Speaking of hydration, you should DRINK A LOT OF WATER.

The sun can easily dehydrate you and if you are enjoying yourself and having fun, you may not even realize it. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of cold water to help keep your body refreshed and hydrated while out in the sun.

Install a Misting System on Your Boat

If you plan to spend a lot of time this summer out on your boat, it may be worth it for you to invest in a misting system for your boat. The misting system is a fan that is connected to a water source that sprays into the fan and then creates mist. The mist keeps you cool and is ideal because it does not cause you to get wet.

In addition to the misting system, you can also install a large shade structure or umbrella to help provide extra shade on deck. If you do not want to install anything that is permanent to the boat, you can opt for a boat tent.

Jump into the Water

There is no better way to cool off when you start to feel overheated than to jump into the water. The water is refreshing and will help cool you down.

One way to cool yourself off even more is to jump into the water right before cruising. As you cruise, the wind will hit your skin and cause you to further cool off since your skin is wet.

Have Fun and Stay Cool This Boating Summer Season

Try these tips above to keep cool on your boat this summer and remember, stay hydrated!

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