Tow Tubes for Family Fun: Top Accessories for Your Boat

There’s no excitement quite like the thrill of skimming across the water’s surface on a tow tube. The combination of speed, bouncing waves, and refreshing splashes make for a perfect family adventure. As summer approaches and you prepare your boat for the season, consider adding some tow tubes to your accessory list. To make your selection process easier, we’ve compiled a list of top tow tubes and accessories to help you make unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Types of Tow Tubes

Single Rider Tow Tubes

These tow tubes are designed for one person, perfect for solo thrill-seekers. There are multiple shapes and styles available, such as round, wing-shaped, or D-shaped. When choosing a single rider tow tube, be sure to consider the rider’s weight limit and skill level.

Multiple Rider Tow Tubes

These towables can accommodate two or more riders, creating a social and exciting experience. You can opt for a side-by-side seating arrangement or a tandem style where riders sit one behind the other. When selecting a multiple rider tow tube, consider the riders’ combined weight limit and how easy it is to reboard in the water.

Specialty Tow Tubes

Certain tow tubes are designed for specific conditions or activities, such as wake surfing, towable SUPs (stand up paddleboards), and inflatable kayaks. These towables bring a unique twist to your water adventures for those looking to try something new.

Top Tow Tube Brands


Airhead is a popular brand that offers a wide range of tow tubes and water sports accessories. Known for their quality and vibrant designs, they provide options for single and multiple riders, as well as specialty towables.


For innovative and high-quality tow tubes, Sportsstuff is a reliable choice. With unique shapes and features, such as built-in coolers and comfortable seating, their towables are sure to provide a fun and memorable experience.

WOW Watersports

Another popular brand in the water sports industry, WOW Watersports produces exciting tow tubes with durability in mind. They offer a range of towables for multiple riders, so you can enjoy the thrill with friends and family.

Essential Boat Accessories for Tow Tubing

Tow Rope

To connect your boat to the tow tube, you need a strong and durable tow rope. Choose a rope with a higher tensile strength compared to the combined weight limit of your riders. Also, pay attention to the rope’s length, as longer ropes provide a smoother ride, allowing your towable to reach the wakes more effectively.

Air Pump

A reliable and powerful air pump is essential for inflating and deflating your tow tube with ease. Electric pumps are the most efficient, though rechargeable or battery-powered options are useful for on-the-go situations.

Repair Kit

Accidents and punctures can happen, so it’s essential to have a repair kit on hand. A typical repair kit includes patches designed for inflatable items and a tube of strong adhesive to minimize downtime while out on the water.

Life Jackets

Safety is paramount when engaging in water sports. Ensure everyone on board has a life jacket that fits properly and meets regulatory guidelines. Investing in quality life jackets can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

Boat Mirror

For boats without a rearview mirror, it’s crucial to have one installed to keep an eye on the tow tube and its riders. A boat mirror should be wide enough to provide a clear view of the water behind the boat and adjustable to suit the driver’s preferences.

Tow tubes are fantastic family-fun accessories for your boat that provide hours of entertainment and excitement for everyone involved. When choosing your tow tube, ensure you pick one that suits your family’s size, skill level, and interests while also investing in quality accessories for a safe and enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to follow proper safety measures and embark on an adventure that will create lasting memories.

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