Tigé ASR

Wakesports fans who gravitate toward the extreme will feast on the all-new Tigé ASR.

When Tigé set out to build the ultimate wakesports boat, the words “bigger, better, baddest” probably dominated conversations during the two-year R&D phase of its new ASR (Apex Series Rider’s Edition). While the engineers and designers did their thing, pro riders gave their input to help make it real-world ready. The result is a boat that not only gives surfers the mountain of water they want but also gives wakeboarders the ultimate launch pad.

Unique Factor

BW_06-14_Tige_03Until this year, there had been three ballast packages: the Base System (900 pounds), the Surf System (1,600 pounds) and the Pro System (2,000 or 2,300 pounds, depending on the boat model). The ASR trumps all of those with 3,000 pounds of wake-growing juice. Now, putting that much ballast on a boat isn’t unheard of; pro riders have been stuffing every nook and cranny on boats with tanks and sacks for years, but that came at the expense of storage. But the ASR is the first boat ever to have 3,000 pounds of ballast under the deck and out of your way — so now you can have your wake and eat it, too. Even more amazing is the fact Tigé designers managed to pack all that weight from the windshield rearward instead of putting tanks in the roomy pickle-fork bow section, which is what normally happens. Tigé’s design puts more weight where it does the most good, amplifying its effect.But just adding more weight wasn’t good enough. The Tigé ASR features the new Apex hull, which is the next-gen version of its ConvexV hull, which has a pronounced rocker shape that curves up toward the transom. This shape allows it to adopt a bow-up/stern-down posture, harnessing something called the Coanda Effect, which pulls the curved hull down into the water to organically create waves before adding ballast. The Apex hull configuration features a far shallower 4 degrees of deadrise, which normally would create a flatter wake. But because it also tapers in toward the stern that doesn’t happen when working in concert with the new massive amounts of ballast. The result is a monstrous wave that isn’t as vertical, which prevents it from breaking and toppling over.Styling-wise, Tigé boats are always cutting edge but classy, and the ASR is no exception with metal side-louvers that are backlit and an eye-catching interior scheme with diamond-pleating and a variety of textures and colors.


BW_06-14_Tige_06The 23-footer weighs 5,400 pounds before tanking it up with ballast, so you are carrying a load from the get-go. To make sure owners don’t screw up and order an engine that’s too small to save a few bucks, which could compromise the ASR’s ability to effectively carry all this weight, Tigé starts the power scale with an Indmar 6.0L V-8 that produces 415 hp, which is coupled to a stout ZF transmission. And because the hull wants to settle at the stern, getting on plane could be a problem, but Tigé solves that issue with its Taps2 plate, which is a single centerline trim tab that allows the driver to help push the bow down when taking off for the wake playground or cruising at higher speeds. With this innovation deployed, the ASR got on plane in 3.4 seconds and reached 30 mph in 7.4 seconds. Top speed was 40.5 mph. The engine compartment could probably use a little more insulation, as engine noise was pretty loud at 97 decibels at WOT.Your engine choice depends largely on what you’ll be doing with the boat. If you will be going for the gusto with regard to ballast and passenger load, the 415 hp Indmar will have to work hard to keep up. A better option would be Indmar’s 455 hp LS3 Corvette engine or its marine version of the 555 hp Cadillac S62 engine.


Boat owners who are moving over from the sterndrive world will feel right at home driving the ABW_06-14_Tige_05SR with its Taps2 wake-plate system, which allows you to trim your boat like a “normal” boat. One of the signature features of the Apex hull design is the pronounced keel, which is carried farther forward than on any other Tigé. The arrangement has two benefits. First, it helps displace water off to the side from the bow to help the boat settle even lower in the water, which increases wake size. It also improves the ride in choppy water by providing a knife-like edge to cleave through the water, making it a good choice for boats on larger, often rough bodies of water, despite its shallow 4 degrees of deadrise.

This year, a drive-by-wire throttle system makes shifting and manually adjusting speed ultra smooth. Our test boat is equipped with the optional Z-Cline captain’s chair, which is super-supportive and has armrests for comfort. The only downside was the pad section at the top that poked me between the shoulder blades. The optional Tivoli wheel helps accentuate the upscale automotive feel and is ergonomically excellent.

Best Uses

The ASR’s purpose is pretty clear: to create the ultimate ramp for wakeboarders that can be tweaked to be ideal for the beginner or big enough for a touring pro while still being able to produce the massive surfing wave Tigés are known for. The launch ramp is massive but mellow, so it’s not like hitting a curb with a shopping cart when you approach it at speed. Thanks to the Taps2 plate, when you trim the bow down and speed up to 30 mph, the wake diminishes enough to make slaloming doable, though not ideal, for recreational riders going old school.

Passengers will feel secure in the cockpit and bow thanks to the extra-tall gunwales, so even when the boat is fully loaded with ballast and buds, it won’t feel like you are reliving the last moments of the Titanic. The Transom Activity Center gives you a great place to boot up or hang out, and an industry first on the ASR is a Stern Surf Locker that can hold three surfboards or two wakeboards.

Preferred Setup

BW_06-14_Tige_04This is Tigé’s top-of-the-line model, so it comes loaded with standard features such as the cast-aluminum Alpha Z Tower, whose distinctive shape will help everyone know it’s a Tigé. It’s the only tower in the industry to have two surf tow points on either side for goofy or regular starts. It comes with a full arsenal of four Wet Sounds speakers to play your tunes with authority. Must-have options are the Convex VX surf-enhancement system that is an extension of the ConvexV hull and creates a smoother, deeper pocket along with composite Clamp 4rce board racks, a transom remote and a trailer. Tigé is really a custom builder and can likely make your desire come true if you want something out of the ordinary. With optional wraps available from Sirlin, you can give your ASR literally any look you want.

Owner Review


LOA: 23 ft.
Beam: 8 ft., 6 in.
Fuel: 65 gals.
Engine: Indmar M60 415 hp
Base Price: With test power $131,010
Standard Equipment:

Alpha Z Tower, 3,000 lbs. ballast, Surf Locker, TigéTouch display, Transom Activity Center, Wet Sounds speakers, removable Igloo cooler, walk-through transom

Optional Equipment:

Trailer, Tivoli steering wheel, transom stereo control, Surf Bimini, Convex VX surf system, PTM Edge rearview mirror, Tower video camera, Tower lighting, Z-Cline captain’s chair


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