Bryant Boats Announces new Surf Packages for 2018

SWEETWATER, TN (July 17, 2017) — Bryant Boats recently announced the introduction of an all new Surf Package available on most 2018 Bryant models. The Surf Package allows surfing enthusiasts the ability to ride an endless wave anywhere without sacrificing the comfort, versatility, and efficiencies of a luxury sterndrive.

Brad Riddick, Bryant’s sales and marketing manager, said, “We’re excited to add a surf option to our lineup for 2018. Previously, we developed the industry’s first surfable sterndrive with the 233X. Being able to develop a Surf Package for most of our models adds even more versatility for our dealers and today’s consumers.”

Bryant President John Dorton, who has years of experience in the towboat industry, has partnered with industry veterans that pioneered leading towboats designed for watersports including slalom, wakeboarding, and most recently wakesurfing. Surf system design is the key to enjoyable surfing and Bryant has a combined watersports heritage exceeded by none.

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