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Templar Marine Launches First Ever Electric Boat in Western Canada

KELOWNA, British Columbia, Jan. 15, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Templar Marine Group Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of its first plugin electric 26-foot boat for the North American pleasure craft market. Its flagship Templar Cruiser 26 is the first of five hand-built electric propulsion vessels to roll off its innovative new assembly line located in Kelowna, BC. Click here for video of the Cruiser 26 in action

The Templar Cruiser 26 has been designed specifically for the discerning mariner who doesn’t want to compromise his love of boating for his love of the planet. The Cruiser 26 is 100% electric, eco-friendly, quiet, and maintenance-free for year-round boating (no winterizing necessary). At 29 feet length overall (including 3-foot rear swim platform) and 9’6″ beam (width) it represents a totally new concept in electric boat design. Given the Cruiser 26’s innovative design, lack of internal combustion engine and fuel tanks, she is extremely lightweight (under 5,100 lbs.) and easily trailered by most average-sized family SUVs. Featuring a cabin that can be completely open or fully enclosed, full size bathroom with 6’ headroom, overnight accommodation in the bow, central heating, fridge, and swim platform for the kids makes this the ideal family cruiser for a day on the water. “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the release of our first model and proud of our team who has hand built the Cruiser 26 taking it from prototype to completion in under a year,” says Mark Fry, Templar Marine Groups Founder and CEO.

With the rapid rise and popularity of plugin electric vehicles from manufactures like Tesla, Mark Fry believes, “Templar Marine is poised to become the ‘Tesla of the water’ providing plugin electric pleasure crafts for the consumer and commercial market.” With five models planned for release in 2019, Templar believes they can capitalize on this growing demand. “We are seeing a large demand from commercial operators around the world requesting a wide range of uses for electric boats which we had never envisioned. As a result we are ramping up production to supply this demand,” adds Fry. Based on its same 26-foot hull mold, Templar will produce five models including its current Cruiser and soon-to-be-released Sedan, Water Taxi/Eco-Tour, Ambulatory Care and Light Cargo Vessel models for a growing list of international customers.

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