Kayak Fisherman Lands Record-Breaking Shark

Author: [Inquisitr]

A dedicated fisherman in Norway has landed a rare, 15-foot-long Greenland shark, setting a new world record for a fish caught with a rod and reel from a kayak.

Joel Abrahamsson, from Gothenburg, Sweden, caught the shark in the waters near the island of Andoria, in Norway, according to the Express. The 33-year-old built up his strength by reeling in 60 pound cement blocks and lifting heavy rocks in anticipation of the 90 minute struggle with the shark.

Greenland sharks live in cold, deep water, as the BBC notes, so it took Abrahamsson 25 minutes to lower the eight pounds of coalfish he was using as bait from his kayak to a depth of 1,600 feet. After the shark struck, it took the angler an hour and a half to reel in the predator, which weighs as much as an adult polar bear and is thought to be nearly 200 years old.

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