The Moorings to Host Sailing Retreat for Wounded Veterans


Clearwater, FL – (July 1, 2015) – The world’s premier yacht charter company, The Moorings is honored to host an upcoming getaway for the Wounded Veteran Retreat Program (WVRP). Established by retired Command Sgt. Maj. Nelson Corbin, the program provides wounded veterans and their families with activity-based retreats throughout the United States and the world.

With veteran suicides climbing at an unprecedented rate over recent years, programs like WVRP are in dire need of public support, a sentiment Corbin has worked tirelessly to share since founding the program over four years ago.

In February 2011, he was serving in Afghanistan alongside his son Chris. While searching a compound near the small town of Heydarabad, Chris stepped on an IED, losing both his legs and sustaining multiple injuries. After recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Chris faced a challenging future. He returned home and found an event for veterans, hoping it would provide some much-needed support, but what Chris got was an underwhelming experience. He left with no desire to return. That’s when his father decided that there had to be a better way.

“After intense research, I decided the best way to help fight with the vets against suicide and family issues would not be with drugs or hours of counseling from people that had never been to war. It would be with events that put wounded veterans back with others that were dealing with the same issues,” Corbin said.

The Moorings will welcome Corbin, a recent graduate of the Offshore Sailing School, and a group of wounded veterans to the British Virgin Islands for an educational sailing trip in January 2016. The group will take part in a weeklong voyage, living aboard the Moorings 4600 sail catamaran and learning the fundamentals of team sailing. Along the way, they’ll work to better understand the effects of PTSD and traumatic brain injury while establishing foundations for a happier, healthier future for themselves and their families.

“I have provided many different types of events for our wounded veterans in the past. Sailing is the one that ranks at the top of the list to aid in their recovery from PTSD and get them active again after physical injuries,” Corbin said. “Sailing encourages getting out of the house and re-engaging with other wounded vets through teamwork, learning new skills and working through challenges together.”

The Moorings is proud to support the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, a tradition that’s stood strong since Navy veteran Charlie Cary founded the company in 1969.

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