Yes, a Friggin’ Whale in the Hudson River

New York, New York. A big city for big dreamers and, apparently, big sea creatures.

People reported to the U.S. Coast Guard sightings this month of a whale swimming in the Hudson River, from the Statue of Liberty all the way to the George Washington Bridge.

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One thought on “Yes, a Friggin’ Whale in the Hudson River

  1. We are so lucky here in the San Francisco Bay. About a month ago we had whole families of humpback whales visiting us here for a couple of days. The sightings included big males and mothers with babies. Humpbacks migrate along the California coast every year on their way to and from Alaska and Mexico. They are often spotted offshore in large numbers but seeing them in the Bay is new. As in NY they were likely following schools of food fish. The fish they like are rebounding in great numbers and frequenting our Bay.


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