Are Contender boats unsinkable?

Contender Boats have been a staple in the boating industry for over 30 years. They have become renowned for their exceptional design and remarkable performance in the roughest of waters. However, one question that has persisted among many boating enthusiasts and potential customers is whether Contender Boats are unsinkable.

The simple answer is that no boat is completely unsinkable, but that doesn’t mean that Contender Boats aren’t one of the safest options available. While many boats are designed with flotation devices or other features that prevent them from sinking too quickly, none are 100% guaranteed to remain afloat in all circumstances.

With Contender Boats, however, their hull design and build process is exceptional. Each Contender is built using vacuum bagging, where the hull, stringers, and bulkheads are all laminated together with resin, resulting in a solid and robust structure. This unique design makes the boat more reliable in rough waters and in the event of an impact with a floating object or another boat.

In addition to this, Contender Boats also have a modernized foam-filled construction, with oversized buoyancy chambers throughout the boat’s hull. This design replaces traditional flotation that can break away from the boat during a major impact or collision, offering more buoyancy and stability in all water conditions.

Finally, Contender Boats are equipped with self-bailing decks, which are essential for keeping water out of the boat while underway, and a key benefit in the event of a sudden flooding situation.

While no boat is entirely unsinkable, Contender Boats are some of the safest vessels on the water. Their exceptional hull design, construction process, foam-filled construction, and self-bailing decks make them an outstanding choice for any boater seeking peace of mind while enjoying their time on the water.

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