Can Dawn be used to clean fishing reels?

As fishing enthusiasts, we all know that cleaning and maintaining our gear is a vital part of the fishing experience. We spend countless hours selecting the perfect rod, reel, and lures to use on our next angling adventure – why not take the time to properly clean and maintain them?

One common question that many anglers ask is whether or not they can use Dawn dish detergent to clean their fishing reels. The answer is yes! Dawn is a great option for cleaning and protecting your favorite reels.

Why Use Dawn?

Dawn dish detergent is an excellent choice for cleaning fishing reels because it’s tough on grease and grime but gentle on your equipment. It’s also biodegradable, which means it won’t harm the environment if you accidentally spill some of it during the cleaning process. In addition, by using Dawn, you’ll be able to save money since it’s an affordable product that’s readily available in most households.

How to Clean Your Fishing Reels with Dawn

1. Disassemble your reel: The first step in cleaning your fishing reel is taking it apart. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to disassemble your reel, noting where all of the parts go so that you can easily reassemble it later.

2. Soak the parts: Next, soak the parts of your fishing reel in a mixture of warm water and Dawn dish detergent. The amount of soap you use will depend on the size of your reel, but a good rule of thumb is to use about a tablespoon of Dawn for every quart of water.

3. Clean the parts: After soaking the parts for 15-20 minutes, use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub away any dirt or grime. Be sure to pay particular attention to moving parts such as the spool and handle.

4. Rinse and dry: Finally, rinse the parts thoroughly with warm water and allow them to air dry completely before reassembling your fishing reel.

In Conclusion

Cleaning your fishing reels with Dawn dish detergent is an easy and affordable way to maintain your gear. Its gentle yet effective formula will help to remove dirt and grime from your reel while leaving it clean and protected. So, next time you’re thinking about cleaning your fishing gear, reach for the Dawn!

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