Can individuals on a submarine fish in the sea?

The answer to the question of whether individuals on a submarine can fish in the sea is a bit complicated. While fishing is indeed a popular pastime for many boaters and is usually allowed in the open waters, it could pose several challenges when it comes to doing so on a submarine.

Firstly, submarines are primarily designed for military and scientific purposes, and the presence of civilians on board is extremely rare. So in most cases, the question itself is irrelevant because only authorized personnel usually man submarines.

Assuming there are civilians aboard, the lack of space on a submarine could be a significant obstacle for fishing since the living quarters on a submarine are generally cramped, and there usually isn’t much room to store any additional equipment.

Furthermore, the whole idea of fishing while underwater poses safety concerns. A substantial amount of water pressure would be exerted on the submarine, and opening a hatch to fish could cause flooding and potentially wreak havoc on the vessel’s safety and stability.

However, submarines equipped with retrieval systems, such as the USS Jimmy Carter, which can recover unseen objects from the ocean floor, do offer the possibility to catch fish. However, it is important to note that these submarines are not designed for recreational fishing but rather for governmental or military purposes.

While it would be theoretically possible to fish from a submarine, it is not a practical or safe endeavor for civilians. Submarines are purpose-built vessels designed for research and military operations rather than fishing trips. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that individuals on a submarine can fish in the sea.

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