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Do pontoons take on water?

Pontoons are a popular choice for boaters who enjoy cruising, fishing, and enjoying time out on the water. However, one of the biggest questions new boaters have is whether or not pontoons take on water. The short answer is that all boats can take on water, but pontoons are less likely to than other types of boats.

Why do boats take on water?

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All boats can take on water due to a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include waves and waves splashing over the deck, rains, leaks, and improper maintenance. Even if your boat is well-maintained, it is still possible for it to take on water from external factors like weather conditions and other environmental factors.?

Pontoons are specially designed to handle water without taking on significant amounts. The pontoons keep the boat afloat on the water, so they are less likely to take on water than other types of boats. Pontoons also have a higher seating position, making it easier to spot any water inside the boat.

However, like any other boat, pontoons can take on small amounts of water. But the chances of this happening are minimal, and the water that seeps in is usually limited to only a small amount. Moreover, pontoons are usually built with self-draining capabilities. These drainage systems help to remove any water that accumulates inside the pontoon, ensuring that there’s no stagnant water inside the boat, which can cause problems like mildew, mold, and rust.

How to prevent water from entering pontoons

Despite the high chance of pontoons being able to prevent water from entering the boat, there are still steps you can take to minimize the risk even further. It’s important to inspect your pontoons regularly for any cracks or damage to the hull. Furthermore, check your drains and bilge pumps regularly to ensure they are working effectively to remove any water that accumulates inside the hull. Make sure you also store your pontoon correctly, so it’s more protected from harsh weather conditions, which can cause the seals to weaken and damage the boat’s structure.

While it’s not impossible for pontoons to take on water, they are less likely than other types of boats. As long as you maintain your pontoon correctly, inspect it regularly, and take steps to minimize any risk of water damage, you should be able to enjoy your pontoon out on the water without having to worry about taking on water. The pontoons are designed to handle the water and provide a comfortable and safe boating experience.

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