Does rain improve saltwater fishing?

As a passionate angler, you might have heard the age-old adage, “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.” However, when it comes to saltwater fishing, does rain really affect the catch?

Despite what many people may believe, rain can significantly improve your chances of catching fish in saltwater. Here’s why:

1. Oxygenation of water: The rain provides a constant source of oxygenation to the water, which in turn improves the feeding habits of fish. As the raindrops hit the surface of the water, it causes a ripple effect, which boosts the natural aeration process of the water. With higher oxygen levels in the water, fish become more active and feed more aggressively.

2. Nutrient-rich throng: Rain also provides a whole host of essential nutrients to the water, which is beneficial for marine life. Rainwater can cause debris and organic matter to flow into the ocean, providing an abundant source of food for fish. This sudden influx of food can stimulate feeding activity and increase the chances of catching bigger fish.

3. Temperature changes: A sudden change in temperature can also trigger feeding activity among fish. Rainwater has a cooling effect on the water, and this change in temperature can stimulate fish to feed more actively. As fish search for food, they become more aggressive, making them easy targets for anglers.

4. Washed out aquatic insects: Freshwater insects and larvae in freshwater streams often get washed away during heavy rain. These aquatic insects, small baitfish, and crustaceans are all significant sources of food for larger saltwater fish. This sudden supply of food can be a great opportunity for predators to target their prey, making it an excellent time for anglers to target larger fish in the area.

Rain does improve saltwater fishing by providing oxygen and nutrients to the water, changing the temperature, and washing out aquatic insects. So, the next time you see rain in the forecast, don’t be reluctant to grab your fishing gear and head out to the ocean. You might just be in for a great fishing experience!

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