How is a trolling motor used for fishing?

A trolling motor is an efficient and useful tool for fishing enthusiasts. Basically, it is an electric motor that is mounted on the bow or stern of a fishing boat. The motor is used for slow, muted and controlled movements to help fishermen place their lures or baits precisely.

Anglers have found that using a trolling motor makes their fishing experience more enjoyable and productive. With its quiet operation and low speeds, trolling motors are ideal for fishing in shallow and weed-filled waters where larger outboard engines might scare away fish or destroy vegetation.

Trolling motors come in various sizes and power ranges. Some models offer thrusts of up to 110 pounds, making them suitable for large and heavy boats. But even the smallest models, with 12 to 24 pounds of thrust, are enough to maneuver small watercraft.

Trolling motors have adjustable speeds that allow anglers to control their boats with ease. The most sophisticated models come equipped with GPS functions that enable anglers to set a course and let the motor do the rest. This feature is especially handy for trolling, where you need to keep the boat moving slowly in a predetermined direction.

Many trolling motors are pedestal-mounted for better visibility and easier operation. The motor head can swivel to direct thrust in any direction. Some models even have remote controls that let the angler operate the motor from anywhere on the boat.

One popular use of a trolling motor is for bass fishing. Many bass anglers use the trolling motor to creep around cover, such as weed beds, logs and stumps, where big bass hide. By using a trolling motor, an angler can slowly maneuver through these areas with ease, making it easier to cast and retrieve lures.

Another common use of trolling motors is for crappie fishing. Crappie anglers often drift or troll slowly along the shoreline, fishing for crappie in the depths of the water. Using a trolling motor, an angler can move at a slow, steady pace without spooking the fish, allowing for more successful catches.

Trolling motors are a versatile and essential tool for every angler. Whether you are fishing for bass, crappie or any other species, a trolling motor can help you move more quietly through the water, match the speed of your bait or lure and hold your boat in position with ease. So next time you head out on the water, consider using a trolling motor to enhance your fishing experience.

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