How to break in a new fishing line?

Breaking in a new fishing line is an essential step to enhance its durability and give it more strength for long-lasting use. It is always recommended that you regularly replace your fishing line, and breaking in a new fishing line is a critical step that you must not neglect.

Here are some tips on:

1. The first thing you need to do when you get a new fishing line is to tie it to a tree or a post. You can also tie it to a fishing reel and spool it. This process helps to make the line straight and prevent unwanted twisting.

2. Once the fishing line is tied, you need to reel it in gradually. Do this until the line becomes tight and straight. This process is critical in eliminating any memory in the line.

3. After reeling it in, you can wet it down by dunking the line in the water. This process helps in lubricating the line and reducing friction when casting. Apart from this, it makes the line sink better when fishing.

4. To further break in the fishing line, you can tie a weight to it and cast it into the water. Reel it in gently, and repeat the process several times until the line becomes supple and easy to handle.

5. Another way to break in a new fishing line is to do some light fishing. You can catch some small fish with it to help in stretching the line and finding any weak points.

6. Lastly, it is important to keep checking the line for any signs of wear and tear. This can be done by running your fingers over the line to feel for any roughness. If you detect any weaknesses or signs of fraying, replace the line immediately.

Breaking in a new fishing line is an essential step towards successful fishing. It not only enhances the line’s durability but also makes it easy to use, and gives you better chances of catching fish. Following these tips will help to break in a new fishing line and ensure its efficiency in the long run.

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