How to construct a boat cover support system?

Boating enthusiasts understand the importance of protecting their precious boats from the harsh elements of the outdoors. One way of ensuring that your boat stays in good condition is by building a boat cover support system. Not only does this create a protective barrier, but it also helps maintain the life of your boat covers. This article will offer you an easy-to-follow guide on.

1. Determine the size and shape of your boat – Before you start building your boat cover support system, you must first figure out the size and shape of your boat. Once you have this information, you can purchase the right materials to create a frame that is the perfect fit.

2. Gather the necessary materials – You will need three materials to create your boat cover support system; PVC pipes, connectors, and T-joints. PVC pipes can be found at any hardware store and are inexpensive. The connectors and T-joints help attach the pipes to form a sturdy structure.

3. Measure and cut your PVC pipes – Cut your PVC pipes according to the size and shape of your boat. A hacksaw will work well in cutting the PVC pipe, but you can also use a PVC pipe cutter if you have one.

4. Create the base structure – The base of the boat cover support system should be wider than the top, forming a traditional A-shape structure. Connect the PVC pipes using T-joints that will form the base. Make sure that the T-joints are facing upwards to create a channel for rainwater to pass through.

5. Add additional support structures – Once the base structure is in place, add additional PVC pipes to create more support structures. Connect these pipes to the existing T-joints using connectors, and ensure that they are evenly spaced.

6. Add supportive brackets – Cut additional PVC pipes that will fit the width of your boat’s sides. Attach them to your base structure’s T-joints, ensuring that they are at an angle that will support the cover’s sides. Make sure that you place enough brackets to support the weight of your boat cover.

7. Cover your boat – Once your boat cover support system is complete, cover your boat with a secure, water-resistant cover. Secure the cover to the framework in place, ensuring that it is taut and sitting above the boat.

Constructing a boat cover support system is an excellent way to protect your boats from harsh weather conditions. By following the steps outlined above, you can create a sturdy and durable framework using PVC pipes and fittings. Happy boating!

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