How to determine if the boat floor is rotten?

Boating is one of the most enjoyable water activities, but it requires a good quality boat that is safe to use. One of the essential components of your boat is the floor. A rotten boat floor can be hazardous and put you and your passengers at risk while out on the water. Therefore, it is essential to determine if your boat floor is rotten before taking it out on the water. In this article, we highlight the signs that indicate a rotten boat floor.

Check for Soft Spots

When inspecting your boat floor for signs of rot, the first sign to look for is a soft spot. Soft spots on your boat’s floor indicate rot or decay. Step on different parts of the boat floor and feel for any softness. If you notice any changes in the texture, it could be a sign of water leaking and causing rotting.

Look for Discoloration

Another sign of a rotten boat floor is discoloration. If you notice the color of your boat floor has changed, this is an indication of water leakage. The discoloration on your boat floor could also be due to the growth of mold or fungus, which is a sign of rot.

Inspect the Hull

To determine if your boat’s floor is rotten, you may also need to inspect the boat’s hull. Look for signs of cracks or damage on your boat’s hull since they are responsible for holding your boat’s floor in place. Cracks or damage to your boat’s hull could mean that water has infiltrated your boat floor and caused rot.

Use a Moisture Meter

Using a moisture meter can be a useful tool when inspecting your boat floor for signs of decay. Moisture meters help you detect elevated levels of moisture in the wood, which is another indication that your boat floor is rotting. Run the moisture meter over different parts of the boat floor and compare the readings.

The boat floor is a vital component of your boat, and it is crucial to keep it in good condition at all times. Rotten boat floors can cause a lot of damage and put you and your passengers at risk. Use the tips above to determine if your boat floor is rotten, and if in doubt, seek the help of a professional. By taking care of your boat floor, you ensure that it lasts longer and stays safe to use.

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