How to manually start a Mercury outboard motor?

Mercury outboard motors are some of the most reliable and efficient engines for boaters. But, just like any other engine, there are times when the electric starter fails. In such cases, you will have to resort to starting your Mercury outboard engine manually. Manual starting your Mercury outboard engine is a straightforward process that requires basic knowledge of your marine engine. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to manually start your Mercury outboard engine.

Step 1: Raise the Tiller Handle and Check the Transmission

To begin with, you need to raise the tiller handle on the Mercury outboard engine. Make sure that the transmission is set to neutral. You can check this by pulling the shift lever that is located on the side of the motor. If the lever moves freely, then it is in the neutral position.

Step 2: Inflate the Fuel Primer Bulb

Before starting your Mercury outboard engine, you will need to inflate the fuel primer bulb. This can be found on the fuel hose that leads to the engine. Keep squeezing the bulb until it feels hard. The bulb acts as a pump that sends fuel to the engine.

Step 3: Turn the Engine Switch ON

The engine switch is located on the side of the tiller handle. Turn it on to begin the starting process.

Step 4: Pull Out the Choke

The choke is a button located on the side of the engine. Pull it out and let it stay in that position.

Step 5: Rotate the Engine Handle

With your left hand, grab the engine’s handle located at the top of the outboard engine. Rotate the handle in a clockwise direction until you feel resistance. Then, pull it towards you with a quick and firm motion.

Step 6: Slowly Push the Choke Back In

Once the engine starts to rumble, slowly push the choke back in. This allows the engine to burn fuel efficiently.

Step 7: Adjust the Throttle

Use the throttle to adjust the engine’s speed. You can increase or decrease the speed by moving the throttle lever located on the side of the tiller handle.

Step 8: Disconnect the Starter Cord

Once your Mercury outboard engine is running, take out the starter cord and disconnect it from the engine. Avoid letting the cord snap back into the outboard engine to avoid damage of the engine.

Learning is essential for every boater. As much as it is a reliable engine, it is always better to be equipped with manual knowledge of the engine in case of battery shortage, unreliable electric starter or other engine issues that may arise. The process is simple enough for any boater to master it. These simple steps make starting your engine an easy and straightforward process. Remember to read your engine manual carefully before attempting to manually start your Mercury outboard engine.

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