How to protect an outboard motor from salt water?

Boating in saltwater can be a great experience, but it can also cause severe damage to your outboard motor. Saltwater is highly corrosive, and if not appropriately maintained, it can lead to extensive damage to your engine. Here are some tips on how to protect your outboard motor from saltwater:

1. Rinse your outboard motor after every use: After your day out in the water, it’s advisable to rinse your outboard motor with fresh water. This will help remove the saltwater that accumulated on the engine’s surface, reducing the chances of corrosion. Make sure you use a hose to rinse the entire motor, including the lower unit and props.

2. Flush the engine: Flushing your engine with fresh water is a must-do procedure after every outing in saltwater. This helps to clear out any saltwater and debris from the motor’s cooling system. The flushing process typically involves connecting a freshwater hose to your motor’s water intake and running the engine for several minutes.

3. Use a Saltwater-resistant lubricant: Saltwater can cause significant damage to metal parts if not protected. Make sure you use lubricants that are specifically designed for use in a saltwater environment. These lubricants protect the metal parts from corrosion, ensuring that your outboard motor runs smoothly.

4. Apply a corrosion-resistant coating: Applying a high-quality corrosion-resistant coating to your outboard motor can go a long way in preventing saltwater damage. The coating acts as a barrier between the engine’s metal parts and saltwater, preventing corrosion.

5. Store your motor correctly: When storing your outboard motor, ensure that it’s dry, clean, and free from saltwater. Keep it in a secure and dry location, preferably in a garage or storage shed. You can also consider using a protective cover to shield your engine from the elements.

Protecting your outboard motor from saltwater damage requires regular maintenance and proper care. Follow the above tips, and you can be sure that your engine will stay healthy and perform efficiently for a long time. Don’t let saltwater damage ruin your boating experience – take the necessary steps to protect your outboard motor today!

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