How to remove old grease from a fishing reel?

Fishing reels are essential gear for all anglers. However, over time, they can become sticky and dirty with old grease, which can lead to decreased performance. Because of this, it is important to clean and maintain your reel regularly to ensure that it is in good working condition.

Cleaning a fishing reel involves removing old grease, and this can be a daunting task if you don’t know how to go about it. Luckily, this article will give you a step-by-step guide on.

Materials needed:

  • A degreaser or cleaning solution
  • A soft-bristled brush
  • A clean rag or towel
  • A toothbrush or cotton swabs
  • Lubricating oil

Step 1: Disassemble the reel

To begin cleaning your fishing reel, you will need to disassemble it. This can usually be done by unscrewing the outer retaining screw and carefully removing the spool. Once you’ve removed the spool, locate the gear and remove it as well. Carefully lay all the parts you’ve removed in a clean, flat area.

Step 2: Apply degreaser

Next, apply a quality degreaser or cleaning solution to the parts you’ve removed. You can use a soft-bristled brush to scrub away any old grease, dirt, and debris. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as you can damage the delicate parts.

Step 3: Wipe the parts clean

After scrubbing the parts with the degreaser, wipe them clean with a clean, dry towel or rag. Be sure to remove all the excess degreaser or cleaning solution from the parts.

Step 4: Clean hard-to-reach areas

Use a toothbrush or cotton swabs to clean hard-to-reach areas, such as the nooks and crannies of the fishing reel. This helps to ensure that all the old grease and dirt are removed from the reel.

Step 5: Lubricate the reel

Once all the parts of the fishing reel are clean and dry, it’s time to lubricate them. Apply a small amount of lubricating oil to all the parts that move, such as the gear and spool. It is essential to use a proper lubricant, as this will help to keep the reel working smoothly.

Step 6: Reassemble the reel

After applying lubricant, reassemble the fishing reel carefully. Tighten all screws and bolts gently, taking care not to strip any threads. Once you’ve reassembled the reel, test it to ensure that it’s working smoothly.

Cleaning and maintaining your fishing reel will help it to perform better and last longer. With a little effort and patience, you can easily remove old grease from your fishing reel using the steps listed above. Always be sure to use the right cleaning solution and lubricating oil to ensure that your reel is well cared for and performs at its best.

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