How to start a string on a fishing reel?

Fishing is a hobby that has been enjoyed by individuals for years and one of the keys to a successful fishing trip is the proper use of a fishing reel. The first step to using a fishing reel is starting the string which can often be tricky for beginners. In this article, we’ll take a look at.

Before starting, it’s important to remember that the fishing line on the reel should be changed regularly to ensure that it doesn’t break or become too thin. To start placing the fishing line on the reel, you will require a few specific items that include a spinning reel, fishing line, and a rod to hold the reel.

To begin, the bail arm on the reel must be open. The bail arm is the metal hoop found at the top of the spool designed to assist the line flow onto the reel. Once it has been opened, take the fishing line spool and undo the line so that it can spin freely. Place the line spool beside the spinning reel so that it can be easily accessed while you work.

Next, tie the line to the spool with an arbor knot. An arbor knot is a knot that’s used to tie the line to the spool to avoid slipping. After tying the knot, place the spool securely on the hand of the side of the spinning reel while ensuring the line is going against the direction of the windings.

Then, holding the rod in your dominant hand, use your other hand to hold the string tightly between both forefingers. Start winding the reel handle with other hand clockwise to make the reel spin in the direction of windings. Be careful not to wind it too tightly or loosely.

Once you start spooling the fishing line, check to make sure the line is going on smoothly onto the reel. Ensure that there is no overlapping of the string or it getting stuck as it passes through the bail arm to the rod.

Lastly, once you near the end of the spool, stop winding the reel and cut the excess string. Once you have completed this step, the spinning reel will be ready for action and is now set up for a successful fishing trip

Properly starting the string on a fishing reel is a crucial aspect of successful fishing. Following the above-discussed step-by-step guide will ensure that you start the fishing line on the reel seamlessly. Always remember to keep your equipment in good condition and change the line regularly for the best results. Happy fishing!

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