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If Two Boats Meet Head-On At Sea, Which Boat Has To Turn?

When two boats meet head-on at sea, the boat that has the right of way must turn. This is a rule of the sea that is designed to help prevent collisions and ensure the safety of all vessels.

The right of way rules are based on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS). According to these regulations, when two boats meet head-on, the boat on the starboard side (the right side) has the right of way. This means that it has priority over the other boat and must be given space to pass safely. The boat on the port side (the left side) must turn away from the other vessel and give it enough room to pass without risk of collision.

It is important for all boaters to understand and follow these rules when they are out on the water. Not only do they help keep everyone safe, but they also help maintain order on busy waterways. If two boats were allowed to both try and pass each other without one giving way, it could lead to a dangerous situation where both vessels are trying to occupy the same space at once.

It is also important for boaters to be aware of their surroundings when out on the water. They should always be looking out for other vessels and paying attention to their navigation lights so they can determine which vessel has priority in any given situation. Boaters should also make sure they have a working VHF radio onboard so they can communicate with other vessels if necessary.

In summary, when two boats meet head-on at sea, it is important for one vessel to give way by turning away from the other vessel in order to avoid a collision. The boat with priority will always be on the starboard side, so it is important for boaters to pay attention and follow these rules whenever possible in order to ensure everyone’s safety while out on the water.

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