Is it superstitious to bring a banana on a boat?

For centuries, sailors and boaters have had numerous beliefs and superstitions. One of the most common beliefs is that bringing a banana on board a boat brings bad luck, and there are several theories behind this thought.

Some historians believe that the superstition started during the days of the sailing ships. Bananas were a precious commodity on those long voyages and turned quickly into black goo due to the heat and moisture on the ship. Therefore, having bananas on board was considered as a bad idea as it brought rot, and hence the stigma.

Another theory is that bananas were believed to carry poisonous spiders or snakes in the past. In some places, banana spiders are venomous, and hence this myth was probably perpetuated to promote caution around them.

However, despite the theories and beliefs, many professional boaters maintain that there is nothing to this superstition. They believe that bananas on board a boat are perfectly harmless and can be an excellent source of energy and nutrition for the sailors. Even professional fishermen carry bananas with them as a source of food.

Furthermore, the superstition holds that it is not just bananas alone that would bring bad luck on a boat. Anything else that is yellow, including clothing, is considered unlucky. For example, a yellow shirt or hat is also believed to bring bad luck.

While many boaters may scoff at the superstition and put into practice, there is still something to be said for the old beliefs. Whether you believe in the superstition or not, it makes no harm to take precautions anyway, right?

Superstitions and beliefs have always been a part of boating culture. However, the myth of the banana being bad luck is one that can now be safely dismissed, but it remains an entertaining part of the boating folklore. Ultimately, as a boater, it’s just wise to ensure the safety of everyone on board and focus on enjoying your journey, regardless of what you bring aboard your boat.

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