Should the boat’s gas tank be filled before storage?

As a boat owner, it is important to take proper care of your vessel to ensure it remains in great condition for many years to come. One debate that often arises among boat owners is whether to fill up the gas tank before storing the boat away.

There are arguments for both sides of this issue but the general consensus among experts is that it is always better to store your boat with a full gas tank.

The first reason for this is that a full gas tank helps prevent the buildup of moisture inside the tank. When you leave your boat with an empty or partially full gas tank for a long period of time, this creates a space inside the tank where air can accumulate. This creates condensation which can lead to moisture buildup and result in rust forming inside the fuel system.

A full gas tank also helps prevent the formation of varnish and gum deposits from forming when gasoline is left sitting in the tank for an extended period of time. These deposits can clog up your fuel lines and cause your engine not to start or run poorly.

Moreover, a full gas tank also helps prevent the seals and gaskets in your fuel system from drying out and becoming brittle. With a full tank, the fuel pumps continuously running and lubricating the seals and gaskets which inhibits them from drying out.

In addition, when you store a boat with a full tank of fuel, it leaves less space for air to accumulate, decreasing the likelihood of condensation to form inside the tank.

Finally, there’s the convenience factor. If you have less than a full tank of gas when you store your boat, you’ll have to fill up before heading out for your next day on the water. By storing your boat with a full tank of fuel, you can hit the water anytime should the opportunity arise without making any extra stops for fuel.

It is always recommended to store your boat with a full gas tank to prevent moisture buildup, varnish, gum, and prevent the seals and gaskets from drying out. Not only that, it is a convenience for your next trip out on the water!

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